5 gifts cross-stitchers want but won’t ask for

There’s always that thing that you really quite fancy but just can’t bring your self to spend real bucks on. Whether you think it’s too expensive or you really should spend that money on a new roof or you know it will bring you joy but who needs an at home candy floss machine? Well, cross-stitchers are no different! If you have a cross-stitcher in your life who is impossible to buy for or if you are a cross-stitcher and never get anything for yourself, here’s the place to start your gifting journey!

#1 DIY Stitch People Book

Of course we’re a little (..ahem..a lot) biased but we had to start with the Stitch People flagship book! Many people purchase this as a gift for their crafty cross-stitcher and then are so happy they did because it results in years of happy stitching hours and hundreds of handmade gifts! People even pass this book down to their children when they’re old enough to start cross-stitching!

DIY Stitch People 2nd Edition available from Stitch People from $43

#2 A decent set of needles!

I don’t know why this is but although we spend hours using them, us cross-stitchers never invest in a good set of needles! Instead we stick with the cheap set from the grocery store that keep snapping and somehow rusting! A decent set of needles will make an amazing stocking stuffer for any cross-stitcher. These needles from Easy Guide Needle are specifically made for cross-stitchers. They have a little rounded tip that guides the needle over the weave of the fabric. No more catching your fabric!

Guide Ball-Tip Needle from The Easy Guide Needle $7.99

#3 A cute needle minder

Speaking of needles, wouldn’t it be great if they stopped disappearing into the sofa cushions?! Enter the needle minder. Essentially all they are is a magnet but they come in all kinds of cute designs so can be customized to suit your cross-stitchers personality! How about these adorably wooden ones by A Needle Runs Through It

Cross Stitch Needle Minder from A Needle Runs Through it $7

#4 A good lamp

There’s really no excuse for it but seems like we’d rather spend hours squinting under an incandescent lamp than invest for ourselves in a decent daylight embroidery lamp. A good lamp with a bright bulb is essential for a cross-stitcher especially as we reach the short days of winter. You can even find some with a built in magnifying glass; 2 gifts in 1! Our preferred brand is the OttLite company. Check out our review of OttLite lamps here.

Eastman Architects LED Desk Lamp from OttLite $79.99

#5 A floss organizer

You’ve probably seen and/or are using those plastic tubs with the cardboard bobbins which work fine in a pinch. If you’re gifting though, wouldn’t you want something charming that would be proudly displayed on the craft table? There are some ADORABLE options nowadays like this hedgehog cross-stitch storage box from Pin and Chip!

Cross Stitch Storage Box from Pin and Chip $43.55

BONUS #6 Time to stitch!

This one is very important and pretty much NEVER gets asked for. The gift of time. The one thing we always lack and always seems to be too expensive to invest in. Simply taking on some extra chores (or delegating them if you are the cross-stitcher) will free up precious time for stitching and will probably be the most appreciated gift you could give someone!

The gift of time from you $FREE

Are you a cross-stitcher? What’s the one thing you probably won’t ask for but would love to be gifted?

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  1. Awwww 🥰
    This is soooo spot on and so glad you shared this – we stitchers are mostly givers (at least all the stitchers I know!) and maybe this will make it easier to let the world know what we’d love.
    Annette S.

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