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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Stitch People fans!  We wanted to end the year with a huge THANK YOU and start the new year off with a big hug to all of you.  Here’s a little message from each of the Stitch People Crew.  To the next awesome year!

Lizzy & Spencer

Hello to all Stitch People and Stitch People fans!

We are so excited about Christmas this year. What a wonderful year it’s been! We love celebrating Christmas, remembering the good moments of the year, and (most importantly) looking forward to a fresh, new year, and making plans!

We are so grateful to all of you for the support you give, and the enthusiasm you have for Stitch People We never imagined that our “little business” would grow into something so beloved by so many. It’s inspiring to see what everyone comes up with. The customizations, designs, and incredible creativity we see are stunning and exciting. We love seeing what you all come up with – so please keep sharing and posting!

In 2018, we look forward to releasing even more resources to help you and your Stitch People portraits become even better. We’re anticipating releasing more alphabet/font designs, a backgrounds book, starting a series of sports-related patterns, growing our cultural and religious wear offerings, and releasing a second edition of the DIY book that utilizes many of the improvements and suggestions you have contributed and provided. In short – we have a LOT to do and we’re SO excited!

As always, please never hesitate to get in touch if there is anything we can do for you or help you with.

May 2017 close with even more good memories. May your Stitch People portraits be received with laughter and tears. May 2018 bring you joy and the realization of your hopes and dreams.

Warmest wishes and love,

Lizzy & Spencer Bean

Jess – Design Development

Hi all! Another year, another million crosses stitched!

I hope you’ve all had a blast creating your portraits this year; I’ve had a tonne of fun designing patterns for you! My favourite has got to be the ugly Christmas sweaters – they were so much fun to design! I never get to wear sweaters at Christmas, given that December coincides with the fiery inferno of Australian summer, so it was nice to get into a more wintery theme!

We have a heap of new designs coming out in the new year (stay tuned!) but, for now, I wish you all a very merry Christmas from Down Under! Stay safe and happy stitching!

— Jess Savage

Theresa – Administrative Assistant

Hello Lovely SP Fans

I’ve had such an incredible year working with Stitch People. What has struck me the most is what warm hearted, kind and talented people I have had the pleasure of talking to. It has been such an honor to have the opportunity to see all of your work and help you with your incredible projects.

I cannot wait until next year to see all the amazing things you make with all of our new offerings.

I hope that each one of you has a beautiful and merry Christmas and that you rock the next year.

So much love!

— Theresa (and Nigel the cat)