A Stitch People Gift Basket: the best Stitch People gifts to give to a cross-stitcher PLUS a Giveaway!!!


If your loved one is Stitch People obsessed, first off, can you blame them?! Second, you’ll probably want a clue what to give to them! This week on the blog, we’ll tell you the best Stitch People goodies to add to a gift basket for your beloved cross-stitcher plus read on for a giveaway!

So what should go in a Stitch People gift basket?

Well, if they don’t have it already, first and foremost in your gift basket should be the flagship book DIY Stitch People 2nd Edition. The book covers everything your gift recipient needs to know to design and stitch those cute little portraits

Second, get them a supplement book so they can add to their portraits. We’d go for the Backgrounds Book since it will help your cross-stitcher add all kinds of scenes and landscapes to their portraits but if the person you are gifting to has other interests take a look at our Farm Animals or Occupations and Hobbies books!

A little help positioning our characters is always welcome so your Stitch People stitcher will love our all new Stitch People templates. They come with a range of characters to position and trace plus a cute little pouch to store them in. We’re currently taking pre-orders for the templates to ship in January so this will be the gift that keeps on giving if you purchase for your friend now!

Stitching is a sit down activity and there’s nothing better than a warm drink next to you as you stitch. Make sure their thirst is quenched with a tea filled Stitch People mug!

Of course your stitcher must look the part too! Add a comfy T-shirt to your basket.

Finally you’ll need something to keep all these lovely treats in! Use our most popular tote as a gift bag and they’ll reward you will a laugh!


And don’t worry, we didn’t forget you the gift giver! You deserve a treat too! What’s on your wishlist? Head on over to our shop and then come back and comment below with the one thing that will be on your wishlist to Santa this year. You could be in with a chance to win that item PLUS a copy of the DIY Stitch People book to give to a friend. Head on over to the shop to start wishing! Winner will be drawn from the comments on December 13th!

146 thoughts on “A Stitch People Gift Basket: the best Stitch People gifts to give to a cross-stitcher PLUS a Giveaway!!!”

  1. I’m such a newbie that the the starter kit and book would be at the top of my wish list. Although I’m also drooling over the font patterns. Love!

  2. My wish list is for a good set of needles. I am thinking that could make any stitching easier. ❀️

  3. Dear Santa,
    This year I’m hoping for a pre-order of the Stitch People templates! I’m sure I’m on the nice list this year. I will leave you some delicious cookies and a frosty glass of milk, I promise. ❀️ πŸŽ…πŸΌ

  4. Your new templates are on my wishlist!! I keep coming back to them in my head, hoping to purchase them soon!!

  5. Rachel Jacobucci

    My wishlist includes any of the additional books such as backgrounds, occupations or farm animals. Or the tote bag.

  6. The background book! My mom is an amateur photographer, and I’d love to be able to recreate her photos that she loves.

  7. I would really like to have the cross stitch stabbing a 1000 times bag to give to my Mom. She is an expert cross stitcher. Sure would be exciting to win your contest!

  8. The alphabet bundle is on my wishlist! I’d love to cross stitch some cute sayings for my home and for gifts! 😍

  9. Beatriz Hernandez

    Hi, I own a few of your books. I would love the Alphabet book and the new templates to continue my collection. All your product is amazing. It makes feel joy and in peace.
    Thank you for bringing back my love of cross stitching back in my life 😍
    Been part of this creative group, and your journey, makes me feel happy, creative, devoted, and blessed.
    Merry Christmas πŸŽ„ and a Happy New Year 🎊

  10. Julie Ann Harris

    I would LOVE to have the Alphabet Bundle! I am obsessed with cross-stitching since I got your book.

  11. The new DIY book and template set look amazing! I can’t wait to start my new hobby ❀️❀️

  12. I’d be all over the different alphabets book. I love changing up the fonts in my little pieces of stitch art. It’s like an accessory. Stitch People is so full of such clear and creative ideas. I’d also be down for updating my Stitch People book since I have the 1st edition πŸ€¦πŸ˜‚.

  13. Courtney porritt

    Ahhh! Occupations and hobbies booknor the background book are on my wish list πŸ™‚ eek!!! β™‘

  14. Someone just gifted me the Stitch People book and I cannot wait to receive it. YIPPEEE. I really want the backgrounds book, the new templates, and anything animal related. πŸ™‚

  15. My wishlist includes the Occupations and Hobbies book and the Make Believe patterns. They both look SO fun!

  16. I’m wishing for the background book!
    It would be great to be able to add them to my stitch people portraits and get additional inspiration from the book.

  17. The tote bag is #1 on my list followed closely by templates (can’t wait for them to come out).

  18. I have such a hard deciding between ALL of the supplemental books. I have the occupations one, but literally any others would be so great! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  19. I just got your book. I’d like to wish for the templates or something about dogs & cats to add to my people.

  20. Ever since I bought the PDF of the book, I’ve regretted not getting the physical copy, so that’s definitely on the top of my wish list!

  21. The backgrounds book is on my wishlist! I am loving learning how to do stitch people and want to add to my portraits with beautiful backgrounds!

  22. I’m having so much fun with Stitch People. Might be a tad obsessed. So now I desperately want the Hobbies and Occupations book, and JUST found Backgrounds. Wow!

  23. I have my heart set on the Traceable Stitch People Character Templates. TOP of my wishlist! I also want the Ballet digital pattern. πŸ™‚

  24. A plane ticket, hotel room, and ticket to the stitch people meetup?!

    Realistically, though, I’ve had my eye on the Occupations and Hobbies books for a while. And I’d love that tote bag too!

  25. The new templates are definitely on my wish list! It will save me so much time when planning out my stitch people.

  26. Elizabeth O'Connor

    What a tough question! I bought the Christmas patterns and loved them. My wishlist would include the stitch people backgrounds and the mother’s day set πŸ™‚
    But if we’re dreaming big, I would LOVE to do the stitch people academy. I’m currently teaching and looking for something that I could maybe do instead or during the summers.

  27. On my wishlist is the Backgrounds book!! I would love it to add to all of my stitching projects!!

  28. What an awesome giveaway! The Stitch People Backgrounds book definitely is and has been on my wish list for a while now. Love you stitch people! Thanks!

  29. The new Stitch People templates are definitely on my wishlist…I’m impatiently waiting for Canadian shipping to open up πŸ˜‰

  30. I wish for the templates!
    That’s the part I struggle with the most! They would be fabulous to configure compositions with!
    I’m loving my stitch people books! The gifts I have made so far have been very successful and have had very happy recipients!
    I’m new to cross stitching but Stitch People has inspired me so much and introduced me to a wonderful hobby!
    Thank you for sharing you knowledge and passion!

  31. Shannon Bumgarner

    The templates are on my wish list this Christmas! Santa, are you listening? I’ve been good all year, and I want to be better (meaning, stitch more gifts for more people!!). Thanks for a great product, SP!

  32. What wouldn’t I put on my wishlist is a better question. Nothing. Everything you have is great but at the top of the list is the templates and some holiday patterns.

  33. I’m torn between the “Backgrounds” book and the “Occupations” book. One of goals now that I am retired is to design a family tree with pictures of sons, daughters, grandkids, and pets. I probably should get the Occupations book first as with all the family there probably won’t be much room for backgrounds. Maybe I’ll really get to start it in 2020. Good goal.

  34. Dear Santa- I have been really good this year- well, I really tried!!!!! Those templates are AMAZING! They will be such a time saver – and leave more time for the fun, personalization part!!!! Thanks Santa !

  35. So my primary wishlist item would be the Academy! I have most of the books already, and some of the patterns.

    That said – I’d be really happy with one of the Religious/Cultural patterns.

  36. I would really like those new templates. That are super cute along with the background books. I think everyone in my family is done having kids so time to make some family portraits as gifts next year.

  37. Rebecca Martinez

    I think the templates are on my list, I know I won’t get them for Christmas, but maybe by my birthday (Jan 24). I would also love the t-shirt with the hearts cross stitch.

  38. I love Stitch People. I have been a fan from the beginning. I think the item I am wanting to add to my Stitch People collection is the Alphabet Bundle.

  39. Madeline Sheerer

    I’d love the cross-stitch starter kit so I can start making beautiful works for friends and family!!

  40. I would really like some of those ball tip needles for Christmas and the new Stitch People Templates. They look like it will make designing and placing my next Stitch People project a lot easier.

  41. Stitch people template all the way! I’m so excited about this feature! With two busy special needs kiddos this helps the process a long so I can start stitching ❀️

  42. On my wishlist are the Backgrounds book, as well as the templates…I can’t decide which I’d love more!

  43. I love trying to bring my stitch people to life by adding things that match my real life people. I love adding fun clothes or activities. People immediately know who they are and that’s the best compliment. Thank you.

  44. The Christmas Mix and Match book is perfect for gifts for family and friends reminiscing of the memories you have made and marking new memories as well.

  45. If the templates were already in the shop, they’d be my definite wishlist item! They’re so cute and amazingly useful.

    Apart from that, I’d love the Indian patterns (https://stitchpeople.com/products/indian). I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see South Asian people represented! My mother especially has a ton of gorgeous saris that I’d love to be able to depict her in.

  46. If Friday the 13th is lucky for me, I’d love to win your Stitch People Backgrounds Book as I already have the Stitch People Book, it would guide and encourage me to create more elaborate scenes rather than only portraits. Some stitchers need a confidence boost before taking that leap! P.S. love the wee Stitch People templates for positioning – so cute!

  47. I would LOVE the book! Been looking at it from the beginning but never seem to have enough money spare to treat myself. One day I will but it would be fabulous to win it and get me started – at last ☺️❀️
    Have a happy and relaxing Christmas! πŸŽ„ Kim xxx

  48. My wish list is long, the Alphabet Bundle (because Calvin and Jilly!!) or the Ballet set are definitely at the top though! You guys are great, thanks for these great products, I enjoy making Stitch People so much!!

  49. I want it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having so much fun learning to cross stitch peeps & pets and giving as gifts. And I LOVE the Facebook group, so many creative stitchers sharing their work, techniques and support – it’s such a happy place in cyberspace!

  50. The one thing on my wish list this year would be the backgrounds book. It looks amazing and i am eager to try it!

  51. I would love to get the Occupations and Hobbies book or the new Traceable Templates. I would be able to stitch so much better with these additional tools. Thank you!

  52. I only have the DIY Stitch people book, but I love it so much already! I would love the Stitch People Halloween PDF, and plan on buying it and the farm animals some time in the future.

    Thank you for creating this website!

  53. The stencils!!! I’m doing 80 stitch people as seat markers for our wedding and the stencils would keep me sane!!

  54. Top few items include the Alphabet Bundle, backgrounds, the (sadly sold out) coping tote and a hard copy of the book. I have the pdf version but think the hard copy would be easier for some things.

  55. The occupations book! Ugh….it’s out of stock!!!! Yikes…I work in Healthcare…know tons of first responders….and wait….this book is so awesome I need it like now. Oh right….I need time too….

  56. Stephanie Davis-Novak

    My wishlist includes Aida fabric in different colors, and a new pair of embroidery scissors!

  57. The one thing I’d love to get is a Stitch People gift card – I can never make up my mind about what I want to get! I keep going back and forth between the Christmas book, the borders & motifs book, and the backgrounds book. I ask for a gift card each year for Christmas and my birthday!

  58. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

    I’d love to find the Alphabet book in my stocking πŸ™‚

    I’d gift the book to my eldest daughter who’s just about to have her own 1st girl xx

  59. Dorothy C Hartel

    Donated 2nd edition Stitch People to a stitcher who lost everything in a fire.
    As I got married on Halloween, that’s the book on my wish list.

  60. My wishlist is the DIY Stitch People Book and the Backgrounds book. Currently saving up for my wedding next year so I’ve had to be more frugal in my crafting expenditures recently

  61. The supplemental books (occupations, backgrounds, etc.) agreat tools to more decorative portraits and the templates make it so much easier to plan! Love the tote bag to carry everything in it too!

  62. My wishlist of your items is long! I’ve bought two books so far, but would love the templates to help with placement. Thank you!!

  63. I love that bag! Those templates are a great idea, too. I wish I was in UT, because it would be fun to attend the gathering.

  64. My wishlist… For my daughter who has just started cross-stitching I would wish for the Big Book. I can already see her friends putting in their orders. For me, I am hoping to receive the Christmas patterns book from Santa’s elf, aka daughter’s partner, so next on my wish list are the Easter patterns, the Summertime patterns, the Make-Believe and the alphabet and fonts. They will keep me occupied for quite some time yet.

  65. Stephanieg Goings

    That bag is amazing, I carry my projects to all of my children’s basketball games to do before the game and during half-time. I have always called stitching my stress reliever, so the bag would go right along with that. πŸ™‚

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