A Stitch People Gift Basket: the best Stitch People gifts to give to a cross-stitcher PLUS a Giveaway!!!

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If your loved one is Stitch People obsessed, first off, can you blame them?! Second, you’ll probably want a clue what to give to them! This week on the blog, we’ll tell you the best Stitch People goodies to add to a gift basket for your beloved cross-stitcher plus read on for a giveaway!

So what should go in a Stitch People gift basket?

Well, if they don’t have it already, first and foremost in your gift basket should be the flagship book DIY Stitch People 2nd Edition. The book covers everything your gift recipient needs to know to design and stitch those cute little portraits

Second, get them a supplement book so they can add to their portraits. We’d go for the Backgrounds Book since it will help your cross-stitcher add all kinds of scenes and landscapes to their portraits but if the person you are gifting to has other interests take a look at our Farm Animals or Occupations and Hobbies books!

A little help positioning our characters is always welcome so your Stitch People stitcher will love our all new Stitch People templates. They come with a range of characters to position and trace plus a cute little pouch to store them in. We’re currently taking pre-orders for the templates to ship in January so this will be the gift that keeps on giving if you purchase for your friend now!

Stitching is a sit down activity and there’s nothing better than a warm drink next to you as you stitch. Make sure their thirst is quenched with a tea filled Stitch People mug!

Of course your stitcher must look the part too! Add a comfy T-shirt to your basket.

Finally you’ll need something to keep all these lovely treats in! Use our most popular tote as a gift bag and they’ll reward you will a laugh!


And don’t worry, we didn’t forget you the gift giver! You deserve a treat too! What’s on your wishlist? Head on over to our shop and then come back and comment below with the one thing that will be on your wishlist to Santa this year. You could be in with a chance to win that item PLUS a copy of the DIY Stitch People book to give to a friend. Head on over to the shop to start wishing! Winner will be drawn from the comments on December 13th!