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I love coming up with systems for things. So, when Stitch People began to grow, I enjoyed figuring out what to do to organize and consolidate all my “stitch stuff.” I do share a room in my home with my husband that functions as our office space, but as opposed to limiting myself to stitching in that one place, I created myself something I lovingly call my “stitch station.”

Made from IKEA’s RÅSKOG utility cart, (I’m a HUGE IKEA FAN!) my “stitch station” (or “stitch stache”) can come with me all around the house. It holds all my important stitching materials, and everything I need is right at hand. The Raskog cart is my favorite. It comes in cream, turquoise and dark gray, and since the creation of my “stitch stache”,IKEA has released a few other carts that look fabulous for this purpose, like the RISATORP cart.

The three deep bins of the cart help everything to stay nicely contained, and the metal is durable and sturdy. I use other organizers within the cart to keep everything even more organized and consolidated.

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In the top bin, I store some magazines and pattern books, as well as my Aida fabric and a plastic container for extra pens, pencils, scissors, chapstick and other necessities I like to keep close by. The plastic pencil container looks a lot like this Kate Spade pencil cup, which I really like, but is actually repurposed packaging from a GoPro camera.Go figure! If I didn’t have that GoProp packaging on hand, however, I might consider using a simple mason jar, or purchasing something simple and pretty.

The middle bin contains a stackable plastic container, and a little plastic basket that house extra floss skeins, wooden embroidery hoops, finished sample Stitch People portraits, and other odds and ends, like extra needles, cardboard bobbins, markers, and colored pencils. I also keep a snack handy in the second bin (I’m currently really digging Emerald cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon almonds. DELICIOUS!)

The bottom bin is where I house my working containers of embroidery flosses and tools, as well as my very-well-loved copy of Do-It-Yourself Stitch People.

I love my “stitch station”! It keeps everything I need at my side and I really enjoy organizing, sorting and de-cluttering it.

Where do you work and do crafts? Where do you keep your materials? Tell us all about it in the comments, below!

Have a wonderful day!


Disclosure: I wrote this post out of a genuine love for my stitch station and the products I’ve found, on my own, to organize it. Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning if you were to purchase these products, 4% of the purchase would go to me. All opinions are my own. No one has sponsored or paid for this post.

7 thoughts on “Create a Mobile Crafting Station”

  1. Hi Lizzy,
    Great newsletter. Now I’m feverishly looking at Amazon for a similar cart. Love this idea.

    I do my stitching anywhere I’m comfortable that has an arm rest and has good lighting. In both living rooms I’ve made sure “my” coffee table/spot are set up with a lamp, an ORT jar that has scissors, tweezers and chapstick, and each have 2 kind of shelves which both have at least 3/4 closed bins of miscellaneous projects. The small living room I recall specifically has 4 bins that have various WIPS. One is Xmas, Halloween, a favorite designer, and a miscellaneous project. Each probably has all the patterns, fabric pre-cut, flosses, scissors (I’m a scissor nut), a notebook, needles, pencil, etc. In that same room, that coffee table has a drawer that houses spare needles, pens, my small Ipod, and anything else. Kids know that is “Mom’s” drawer ONLY! The other living room houses an open container with miscellaneous magazines and projects I want to do sooner rather than later. I also have 2 bags that have my current-current WIPS. The zipper part of those pouches each have scissors, tweezers, etc. Those are handy so if I go anywhere it’s a literal “grab and go”. These bags are great for when I want to stitch upstairs in my chair. My only complaint about upstairs stitching is I always forget to grab my ORT jar before I set up to sit down, even though it sits a top a table in there.

    Otherwise all my other materials–charts, fabric, floss, hoops, magazines, etc. are all organized in various bins of all shapes and sizes in my closet. I also have 4 small plastic drawers with all the smallish stuff–spare scissors, pens, needles, crafting gloves, etc. etc. on a shelf in my closet.

    We won’t go there where all my other crafting supplies are stored. 🙂

  2. Heather Magee

    I love IKEA too 😀 We have two of those carts – also very useful for moving books & DVDs. I managed to get ours on special, so even better, and they assembled easily and to a very robust finish.

  3. Oh man, this cart! I bought one on your recommendation and I could not love it more!! Love your blog, great suggestions and tips!

  4. I’m looking for a graph paper spiral notebook and can’t find one with small squares – could you let me know where you got yours? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lauren. Good question! There are a few ways to find graph paper. 1. Google it! There are a lot of websites out there that let you generate graph paper to your desired size – for free! Then just print, and your’e done! 2. Look for a basic composition notebook with graph paper. Back-to-school season often has these at stores like Target or Walmart. University campuses, if you live near one, will have these in their campus bookstores. 3. Stitch People is going to be offering our own graph paper notebook pretty here soon! We’re in the works with a company to get a branded graph paper book, for a good price, so it’ll be easy to find what you’re looking for!

  5. I remembered seeing this post a few years go. Now that I have gotten back into stitching I picked one up. Target has one that looks pretty similar to the ikea cart in there room essentials brand. Its a few dollars more then ikea but the closest ikea is 4 hours away so I didnt mind the extra $4.

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