Create sparkling (and colorful) eyes on your Stitch People

A tutorial by Stitch People designer Hillary Nestrick

When it comes to Stitch People Portraits, everyone is different in what design aspects they like to focus on. Mine is the eyes and I’d like to share my process with y’all! I saw this idea on the Stitch People Facebook community (I’m so sorry, I don’t remember who’s post it was, comment below if you know who so we can credit) and I have created a process for myself to ensure I have perfect eyes every-time. This process works for any count of fabric, but these pictures are done on 28 count Charles Craft Monaco Evenweave.

Side Note: 28 count fabric can be scary to a person new to cross stitching. I myself was too nervous to try for the longest time, but once I jumped in (thanks Covid lockdown) and tried it, my goodness, it’s my go to!! It’s so versatile and makes stitching the less common stitches super easy and an absolute breeze!! So, what I’m trying to say is don’t fear the 28ct!!


Create two ¾ stitches with your black floss.

I like to do the eyes before stitching the skin color in that row. You’ll understand why at the end!


Create a smaller ¾ style stitch in the upper right-hand corner using your white floss. On this count fabric, it’s the 4 tiny holes in the top right. Below are the finished sparkles.

I have found that by doing the ¾ style stitch it keeps the eye sparkle uniform and bulky enough to be seen still after the next step.

Ta daaa!


Using two strands, backstitch around the entire square. 

I find that using the order top, bottom, left, right achieves the effect I’m looking for!

Also, I use two strands vs 1 strand because I find that after adding the skin stitches, 1 strand doesn’t show up.


By adding the skin and hair after the eyes are finished gives them a rounded look!

And there you have it! Your Stitch People person has a beautiful set of sparkling eyes with just a hint of color! Will you be using this technique for your next Stitch People portrait? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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