DMC Floss Color Inspiration: 580!

It’s officially the best month of the year: October! October is our favorite month for so many reasons: It’s my birthday month, the weather is phenomenal and it’s the kickoff to the three best months of the year, even though November and December can be nuts!

We always loved doing color inspiration and we thought since it was our favorite month we’d bring it back. We chose a color that’s trending right now in all areas: clothing, crafting, furniture, decor and more! DMC #580 is all over the place!

This color of green is almost warm to us, and it feels hospitable. It’s also nurturing in a way — reminiscent of olive oil which in this season can only mean one thing: you’re making a soup base! Practically speaking the color olive fits most skin tones and complimentary to each and every hair color & eye color combination. DMC #580 is all around a perfect color to us & it inspires us for the months ahead!

1) Olive Oil from Target
2) Ragan Satchel Tote from Rebecca Minkoff
3) Fikire Clutch from FashionAble
4) Deckled Socks from Anthropologie
5) Olive Suede Ankle Boots from Nordstrom Rack
6) Via Velvet Pillow from Overstock
7) Cabled Turtleneck from J Crew
8) Leather Dorada Sofa from Anthropologie

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