Living life in DMC: Floss Color Inspiration DMC742

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with this situation. You walk into a craft store and head straight for the embroidery section. You round the corner and you lose all sense of propriety as you squeal and fawn over hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, wonderful DMC floss colors! Well, then imagine that you get a message from DMC saying that they’d love to partner with you for one of your first ever craft events. Cue the swoon! Yes, that was us and after we had picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off, we managed to stay coherent enough to read that not only did they want to partner with us for the event but they also generously offered 15% off their delicious products to all of our fans for the month of February! (Just use code STITCHPEOPLE on their website at checkout).

Well as hard as we begged, we haven’t been able to convince any craft store owners to allow us to live in their floss aisle so what’s the next best thing? Fill your life with the DMC color pallet of course! To celebrate the nifty discount DMC is offering and all the color they bring to our lives, every week in February we’ll be selecting a different color to feature and show you how you can live your life in DMC!

We’re starting off with the beautiful DMC 742 to flood those gloomy early spring days with bright and sunny color! Check out these picks for how you can bring DMC 742 into your home:

1. Adventure Fund Decorative Pillow: Kate Spade

2. Demi Chair & Ottoman, Mustard Yellow: Target

3. Harvest Bunch: Crate & Barrel

4. Factory Shade No. 2: Schoolhouse Electric

5. Lighten Up Slim Crossbody in Painted Feathers: Vera Bradley

6. Jax Rug: Surya

Not quite ready for tangerine everything all over the house? Would you rather stick to stitching with DMC 742? We get it, why not try using it as one of the colors in our Chakra Mandala patterns?

Inspired to try DMC 742? Check out some of our favorite picks from the DMC store to get your creative tangerine juices flowing!

1. Want to get your stitching more organized? Start by stuffing this Acrylic Cabinet full of all the DMC 742’s you can find!

2. Add this adorable crochet trim to all of your Stitch People portraits from now on.

3. Choose one of these daisy hoops to frame your next family portrait. These are the cutest hoops we’ve seen in a long time!

4. No, it’s not strictly tangerine but how amazing is this stitchable cork!? How would YOU use it for your Stitch People stitching?

If any of these products take your fancy, don’t forget you’ll get 15% off throughout the month of February by using code STITCHPEOPLE at checkout!

What are your best ideas for using DMC 742? Tell us below or email us at!

Happy stitching!

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