Getting Started with Stitch People – What books do I need?

If you’ve been following along with our series “Getting Started with Stitch People” you should now be pretty well on your way with creating your Stitch People portraits! Hopefully you’re loving it, and if you are you may want options for more patterns than are available in the DIY Stitch People book.

“But which books are best?!” I hear you ask. As much as I’d love to say all of them, that can be a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting out, so here’s our recommendation for which books will have you covered for pretty much any portrait you might want to make in the future!


First we have to recommend the newest addition to the Stitch People family – Stitch People Backgrounds book! After MANY requests, we got together with some of our most talented designers and created a book filled with different locations to place your Stitch People.

This book has various locations from snowy mountain tops to tropical paradises. It also has a range of complexity levels from exquisitely detailed sunsets to simple accessories and details.

See more details, pictures and a video sneak peak on our website.


The DIY Stitch People book has various small pets like dogs, cats and lizards but if your furry friend is slightly larger, you will find the Stitch People Farm Animals book very helpful.

This book has large animals such as cows, llamas, horses and donkeys as well as smaller friends like ducks, rabbits, mice and turkeys.

See more details, pictures and a video sneak peak on our website.


Some of the best people to make Stitch People portraits for are your work colleagues (hello Secret Santa!). So if you need specialized work wear and uniforms, the Stitch People Occupations and Hobbies book is a great option for you.

The book covers people in the medical field, teaching, hairdressing, musicians and more!

See more details, pictures and a video sneak peak on our website.


The DIY Stitch People book gives you lots and lots of options for text but you can never have enough.

Our Alphabet bundle gives you twelve extra fonts to add more personality to each and every portrait you make.

See more details and pictures on our website.


If you want to make your portraits extra special, try adding a border or embellishments as an extra touch!

The Borders, Embellishments and Motifs book gives you lots of options to add a sweet decorative touch.

Click here to see more details.

These options will have you stitching up a storm but if you every find you need something more specific, head to our website. There you’ll find options for religious and cultural wear, a variety of sports, historical dress and all major holidays!

And if there’s something you can’t find, drop us a line at – chances are it’s in the works already!

Happy stitching!

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  1. I love your Stitch People books. I am on my way to collecting them all. Thanks for taking a chance and making this your business.

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