Free Cross-Stitch 101 Guide

Free Cross-Stitch 101 Guide

I remember learning to cross stitch as a young girl. My mother taught me, I think because I wanted to learn it (having seen her do a lot of cross stitching.) My grandmother cross-stitched, too. She made my Christmas stocking and a baby blanket, both of which have cross-stitch work. And her mother cross-stitched - a lovely piece of her's still hangs in my mother's house today.

Cross stitching is a wonderful hobby. It's a methodical, peaceful art, with a rich history, and it's really quite simple to do.

This is why Stitch People has created a free Cross-Stitch 101 guide. Yes - FREE. It's available digitally, for download only (there is no physical copy of this guide). But it's FREE and you should spread the good word of cross stitch to your friends and family. They might thank you!

Who knows - maybe your friend's grandmother passed away before they had the chance to learn cross stitching from her, and learning cross stitch will help your friend feel connected to dear, old Grammy.

Download and print a couple copies for an activity night with a local church youth group, or for a boy scout or girl scout activity! Gather your family, and learn a new skill together for a fun family night! Start a "craft club" with some of your friends, and commit to learning a new skill each month, starting with cross stitching!

Create an occasion to learn the skill and the art of cross stitching. You'll be glad you did!




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