How to get stitching supplies when you can’t leave the house

My goodness, what a month so far! If you’ve just joined us from under a rock in the Sahara, the world is experiencing a global pandemic which means that many of us have had to self isolate in order to protect ourselves and our community. Although, it’s the right thing to do for yourself and others, it does present a problem when you are a craft lover…where do you find supplies!?

Well, we’ll tell you some of our favorite places to get your stitching supplies fast and affordably but before you figuratively run to the store there are a few important things to consider.

What do you REALLY need?

If there’s one thing social distancing has taught us so far, it’s to be more careful with the supplies we have. Until now, it’s been easy to just decide to head to the store and buy what you need rather than look at what you already have. A good practice to adopt now but also when the dust has settled is to take a look through your supply boxes and inventory exactly what you already have and decide what you really, truly need to buy.

Can you substitute?

Once you know what you have, you may find a few things that you could do with buying but is there anyway you can substitute it with something else? You don’t have a 6 inch embroidery hoop but you do have a 4 inch, you don’t have DMC 3774 but you do have DMC 945, you don’t have enough Aida to make a 6 person portrait but you can make a 2 person portrait. What supplies can you replace with something similar so you don’t have to buy so much?

What do you have left over?

All of you crafters who’ve been slowly collecting your orts; they said you were crazy, but look who’s laughing now! *insert maniacal laughter*

For those who don’t know what orts are, they are basically just old scraps of thread that were too long to throw away but to short to put back in your thread box; so you save them (usually in a jar) for another time that often never comes…until now!

If you have scraps and orts that you have been collecting from past projects, tip them out onto a table and see what you can use!

Where to buy what you need

OK, so you know what you have, you’ve decided what you really need and that can’t be substituted for anything else – you definitely need to buy a supply, so where do you go? Fortunately, although many stores have closed their brick and mortar doors, they are still selling and shipping goods from their online stores! Here are some of our favorite places to shop online (US only).

A note first: please for the love of all that is craft, do not bulk buy! Trust us, we know the panicky feeling of wanting to buy more than we need ‘just in case’ but we’ve all seen how that leaves other people in our community with nothing. Please, please, please only buy what you need.

This is our favorite place to buy thread. They have a huge selection of different kinds of thread, from a range of companies including DMC. They also have lots of other supplies for your stitching needs. They ship fast and have affordable prices


This is our second favorite place to shop for supplies, plus you’re buying from small businesses and human-beings which means that you’re keeping money in the pockets of your community. Etsy is a great place to find unusual frames and hoops that you may not have considered using. Cost and shipping times vary from store to store but in general, this will be pretty cost effective place to get the supplies you need.

Box Store Online Stores

All of the craft Box Stores are still running their online stores. Take a look at places like Michaels, Joann Crafts, Hobby Lobby.


Nextdoor is a kind of community facebook page. Although you should be careful to still practice social distancing and have good hygiene practices with anything new you are bringing into your home; some of your neighbors may have supplies that they can lend or give you. See if they’d be willing to drop the items curbside so you can simply pick up a box and give them a wave!

These are our favorite places to find supplies while we can’t head to the store, what are yours? Let us know by commenting below and we’ll keep this blog post updated with useful tips to restock your stash!

If you are curious what supplies you need to get together, take a look at this blog post!

During this pretty stressful period, we hope you are staying safe and connecting with people in whatever ways your able. If you need to chat or just want to reach out, we’re here for you! Send us a hello at <3

6 thoughts on “How to get stitching supplies when you can’t leave the house”

  1. I really love the website for finding substitute colours for floss. Say I need DMC 156 but I don’t have it, I can type it in and it gives me a bunch of similar colours and I can check my stash for something comparable 👍

  2. This is sort of related to the topic. I have ordered your book and I am excited to receive it! My question: While I am waiting, should I try to buy a “starter kit” of floss? I am a former cross stitch-er who has not participated in this craft in a while, so I will be starting fresh with supplies. Should I wait on the book and order only what I plan to make or stock up on a bunch of colors first? if so, are there basic colors that everyone will need?

  3. I want to start cross stitching it looks and sounds very relaxing, which i could really use. I have 2 kids (ages 8 and 5) and trying to keep them busy AND TRYING to home school them has been a challenge in itself. I am working from home and unfortunately my fiance has lost his job due to COVID-19 ugh. I know we all have these issues going on. But I would like to take a hobbie that is just for me. Mine only. However funds are limited. Is there a place I can go to get a starter kit for free? Just wondering. Thank you!

    1. You could try Nextdoor or Craigslist or a crafting Facebook group. There are ALWAYS people looking to unload crafting supplies they bought too much of

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