How to increase the size of your Stitch People

If you really want to make an impact with your next Stitch People portrait, why not go big?

Here is a very simple way to turn your project into a frame worthy master piece.  When plotting out your design on your chart or graph paper, just turn every 1 stitch or x into 4.  This will essentially make every stitch you would make, four times bigger.

Here’s a diagram to show you how it works:

You can see here, our Stitch Persons head, let’s call him Fred.  You can see how each square of Fred’s original head, was represented 1 cross stitch.  When we increase Fred’s size, each square now represents 4 squares.

It’s as simple as that!

Now, bare in mind that this will make your portrait much bigger so you will need to increase the amount of Aida AND floss that you use for your portrait.  How much extra you need will depend on your final design but to give you a quick way to find an approximate size; just use this formula:

number of stitches/.count of Aida = approximate size in inches.

So for example, we know we will be using 14 count Aida and we have plotted out on our chart or graph paper the final chart of Fred’s head.  He will be 18 stitches high and 20 stitches across.

To find out his height in inches we:

18/.14 = 1.3 inches

For his width we:

20/.14 = 1.4 inches

So in the end, Fred’s head will be approximately 1.3 x 1.4 inches.  That’s a good sized head!

If you have any questions trying to increase your own Stitch People, don’t forget you can direct all your questions or show us your final projects just by emailing  

Happy Stitching!

3 thoughts on “How to increase the size of your Stitch People”

  1. Hi! Do you increase the size between people if you are doing this? Just curious if I should keep the 3 spacing or double that.

    1. Sorry for the delay! You would need to use the same formula to make the spacing bigger too. Otherwise your stitch people will be too close together.

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