Lizzy’s Picks #2: DMC’s Floss Color Card – A MUST HAVE!

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For anyone who makes Stitch People portraits in excess (it’s okay, I’m raising my hand over here!), it’s extraordinarily helpful to have DMC’s Floss Color Card on hand.

DID YOU SAY YOU DON’T HAVE ONE?! Well, you should GET one. It’s a game changer. Game. Change. Er.

Here’s what it is: it’s a fold-out style “brochure” of sorts that has ACTUAL floss samples of all 454 solid DMC floss colors PLUS the 35 new colors, as well as it shows all color options for “color variations,” “light effects,” “pearl cotton,” and “metallic pearl” floss. Omigosh, right?

So when you’re pouring over a pattern or photo and you don’t know what color to use for such-and-such an element, you have DMC’s entire (yes, I said ENTIRE) floss “library” at your fingertips to choose from. And this is done without having had to purchase each individual color, wrap it on a bobbin, store it in a case, and get frustrated when you realize you forgot to write down the number and you have no idea what you’re working with. (It’s okay…I’m sheepishly raising my hand about that one, too.)

I’m telling you – it saves SO much time when you’re trying to figure out the subtle differences in colors to make the perfect choices for your portraits.

Snag one over at here and let me know if you find it useful! Snap a pic or something with the color chart in your collection of stitch stuff and tag @stitchpeople so we can see it in action! If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge on the real-floss color chart, there’s also a printed option you can find here.

Remember to use the code STITCHPEOPLE at checkout for 15% off your purchase. (Maybe it’s time to snag the real-floss chart, after all!)

Happy stitching!


  1. I have this book and it is very, very handy. I wished that I had purchased it sooner.

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