Lizzy’s Picks #3: Storage Solutions for Staying Put or Being on the Go!

I don’t know about you, but where I am it’s snowy and cold and I’m getting antsy for Spring. I’m anticipating going through boxes, getting rid of stuff, paring down on a relatively massive scale, and getting more organized in general. Yes, this applies to my tubs of Stitch People supplies. 

“Tubs?” you ask? Yes. Giant storage tubs of all sorts of cross-stitch supplies, magazines, pattern books, and more. It’s a bit of a problem!

So in anticipation, I’ve begun looking at storage solutions and a couple things have caught my eye! 

Storage for Staying Put

For times where you can stay put, and enjoy a beautifully organized and styled stitch station, consider THIS beauty of a unit from

Is this not the most elegant little storage box you’ve ever seen? I’m sure that’s why it’s both “floral” AND “deluxe.” What I love most about this, I think, is the varying sizes of pull-outs and storage compartments. You’re not limited to one size, for storing one particular kind of item. Heaven knows that as a cross-stitcher, you’re bound to collect various odds and ends and have nowhere to store them! But not in this case!

I picture this gorgeous blue and white floral case sitting on a bright white desk in a sunny room, surrounded by various crafting accoutrement and a gorgeous day-light lamp for evening stitching. Ahhhh that’d be the life.

BONUS: If you’re new to stitching, or just love bundles as much as I do, DMC offers this beauty as a BUNDLE. It’s called “Deluxe Stitcher’s Bundle” and includes a DMC Printed Color Card (!!!!) a hoop, needles, metal rings, plastic bobbins, and 100 – that’s right, ONE-HUNDRED – embroidery floss colors.

 Storage for Being On the Go

If you’re anything like me, you’re a go-go-go-er. Whether that’s regular weekend getaways with friends, traveling for work, or going from soccer practice to ice-skating practice to piano lessons to basketball practice to play rehearsal, you’re gonna want something to bring your projects along with you in a stylish, but most importantly ORGANIZED way.

Enter the Stitchbow Needlework Travel Bag.

How great is this storage case? Whether you utilize the StitchBow method of floss storage or not, this case is GREAT for travel. It’s large enough to hold 8.5”x11” patterns! It’s got room enough to hold a hoop or thicker projects and items, but still zip! It has plenty of pockets for needles, scissors, pencils, floss, fabric, and more! PLUS those pockets are see-through so you’ll whiz through airport security if anyone gives you any trouble!! 

Honestly, could it be more perfect? Plus, the design on the outside is fun, but not too “craft-y” looking so you could even get away with bringing it to work without getting too many raised eyebrows! Oh and the HANDLES ARE ADJUSTABLE. 

Bam. Just blew your mind.

So whether you need to organize on the go or at home, has some wonderful options for you. Head on over to this month and use our personalized code STITCHPEOPLE at checkout for 15% off these beauties – valid through the end of the month!

Don’t forget to post pics of you snag them! I’d love to see how you put them to use! Tag @stitchpeople so I can drool over that Floral Storage Box and the Stitchbow Storage Case!

Happy Stitching!

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