Lizzy’s Picks #4: A Little Bling for French Knot Practice

A common refrain I hear from cross-stitchers, beginner and advanced alike, is how frustrating French knots are! Many people feel, even after years of struggle, that they haven’t yet mastered this common and quite useful stitch!

Well, the way I see it “practice makes perfect.” So what better way to practice French knots than to create a little bouquet of them you can wear around your neck!

Over at they sell this beautiful little bouquet in a kit you can then turn into a necklace and wear around your neck. It’s called “Round Necklace Fixture” (not the most interesting title in the world….) but the product itself is just simple and lovely.

What I love about it is the elegant arrangement of the bouquet – how it sits in the round necklace charm – and how you can swap out the colors if you’d prefer a bouquet that isn’t lavender and white! Easy peasy.

Plus, on our YouTube channel, we have a video about how to do French knots, in the context of creating a bouquet. So if you need a little extra instruction, head on over and take a look!

And if THAT isn’t enough to sway you to get this fun pendant, remember that through the end of February you can save 15% at by using the code STITCHPEOPLE at checkout. 

Go get those French Knots! And happy stitching! 

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