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Lizzy’s Picks #1: A Colorful, Fresh and FREE Border!

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Did you know has a bunch of free patterns and resources? Well, they DO! And they’re amazing. I was looking through their available patterns the other day and stumbled upon a freebie (yes you read that right – FREE!) called “Magical Wreath.” Now, I’m a sucker for bright, colorful things like loud wallpaper, vintage polyester shirts with big patterns …

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Stitch People Gathering: What To Expect & Why You Should Attend

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We’ve been dreaming and scheming and now plans are underway to build and support our growing Stitch People community! We’re taking DIY to DIT (do-it-together) by hosting our first ever Stitch People Gathering – an event just for you to craft, create, and cross-stitch with the thousands of others who love it as much as you do! We hope you …

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The Stitchy Awards 2019!

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The most coveted prize in the cross-stitch calendar is here! The Stitchies, 2019! From tens of nominations, whose fingers manipulated the needle most dexterously and who had us floored with their half-stitch? Find out as we look at just some of the best portraits 2019 had to offer us! Sorest Fingers Our starting category honors a stitcher who valiantly forged …

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Stitch People Gathering – FAQ’s!

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All you’ve ever wanted to know and more about our inaugural Stitch People get-together! How to book tickets You can find more information plus buy tickets at Why Utah? The short answer is that we live here!  Since this is our first ever event, and we have a ton of Stitch People fans in our home state, we figured …

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How to make the cutest personalized luggage tag

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Guest tutorial by Theresa Mayfield With a lot of people traveling this time of year, it’s important to be able to pick your luggage out from the hoards of other suitcases and bags and it doesn’t hurt if that way is super cute! Well our friend Theresa who you may remember from this article found the perfect way to combine …

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A Stitch People Gift Basket: the best Stitch People gifts to give to a cross-stitcher PLUS a Giveaway!!!

In Cross Stitch, Stitch People by Theresa

GIVEAWAY CLOSED If your loved one is Stitch People obsessed, first off, can you blame them?! Second, you’ll probably want a clue what to give to them! This week on the blog, we’ll tell you the best Stitch People goodies to add to a gift basket for your beloved cross-stitcher plus read on for a giveaway! So what should go …

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5 gifts cross-stitchers want but won’t ask for

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There’s always that thing that you really quite fancy but just can’t bring your self to spend real bucks on. Whether you think it’s too expensive or you really should spend that money on a new roof or you know it will bring you joy but who needs an at home candy floss machine? Well, cross-stitchers are no different! If …

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Stitch People Stars: Theresa Mayfield

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If you stay in touch with us on our Instagram or Facebook pages, you may have seen that we’re currently obsessed with this particular stitcher! Theresa came to us through the Stitch People Academy and since then has gone on to show us the true meaning of creativity! We’re so enamored with her, we wanted to learn a little bit …

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Stitch or Treat?! Make your own Stitch People Halloween Treat Bag

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Happy Halloween!!! This is a favorite time of year at Stitch People! No, not just for the treats (although they certainly help) but because we get to unleash even more Stitch People fun into the world! Stitch People are so adaptable that they can be customized into all kinds of ghoulish ghouls and creepy creeps! Which means they can join …