Real Life Stitch People – Rebbecca S.

You may remember fondly our Stitch People Stars series where we learned about real life people who have taken the Stitch People patterns and created thriving businesses!

These are some fantastic and talented people, but what if you don’t want to start a business from Stitch People. What if you (like most of our customers) are creating Stitch People for fun, for gifts, for something to do with your hands or to do something more productive than scroll through social media for 6 hours a day!

Well that’s who we hope to hear from in our new Real Life Stitch People series. First up! Our new friend Rebbecca! We met Rebbecca when she kindly responded to one of our casual “how’s it going?” emails. She sent us the most gorgeous portraits of her pups and family, we felt it was our duty to share such beautiful work with the community. So without further adieu, let’s learn more about Rebbecca!

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name’s Rebbecca, but everyone calls me Becky. I’m 39 years old, and use an electric wheelchair. I was born with a muscle wasting disease called muscular dystrophy, limb girdle.

I live in the UK with my 17 year old son, mum, 2 younger brothers and 5 dogs! (3 black Labradors called Charlie, George and Ted. Chocolate Labrador called Secret and golden retriever called Darcie)

Stitching is my favourite hobby. But I love going out shopping and going out for meals and spending time with family and friends.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m still isolating, and have been since March 2020, because I have respiratory problems caused by my muscle wasting disease. Finding stitch people has been great! I spend my day sewing, sitting in my garden enjoying the sunshine and spending time with my family and dogs.

When did you start cross-stitching?

I did some cross stitch as a child, then brought a kit in my twenties, but never completed it. I saw a London cross stitch kit at the beginning of this year and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been hooked ever since and sewn every day. I’m so glad I’ve found a hobby that i love, and helps me escape for a bit.

What do you like about cross-stitching?

I find cross stitching relaxing, it helps take my mind off things and whilst isolating helps fill my day with something enjoyable.

How did you find Stitch People?

Whilst browsing online I found people selling stitch people portraits and thought they looked amazing. So I looked on amazon to see if there were was a book, to see if I could make my own stitch people. Then I found you 😊

What has been your favorite piece to make so far?

My favourite piece so far has been my family picture with all of us. Me, my son, my two brothers, mum and dad and both my grandparents. I put a lot of thought into the layout and layered people. I was pleased with how it came out.

How do you find time to stitch?

This year due to Covid I have a lot of time for sewing

Do you do anything while stitching (listen to music, watch the kids, watch TV)?

I listen to music or the radio

Where is your favorite place to find supplies?

I order all my supplies online. Either from Lovecrafts, or wool warehouse

Do you have any future projects in mind?

I’ve just signed up to the stitch exchange on the Facebook stitch people community. This will be my first exchange, so I’m excited and a little nervous, but it should be fun. I’m also looking forward to designing and sewing lots more stitch people pictures for myself and for friends and family.

What are you hoping to learn about to improve your cross-stitching skills?

I’d like to learn lots of new techniques/stitches to improve my work. I’m particularly keen to learn how to sew different flowers to add to my stitch people pictures.

Thank you so much for sharing your work and a little bit about your life with us Rebbecca!! We can’t wait to get to know you even more!

Want to tell us a little about yourself through the Real Life Stitch People series? Drop us a line anytime at!

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