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*This is a review of Hoop-Frames and Two-sided Mini Frames from Easy Street Crafts. We were not paid for this review however we were given the products reviewed*

A little while ago we received an email from Bruna at Easy Street Crafts saying “Hey Stitch People, a ton of people have been using our frames with your patterns, want to see how cute they look?”. I’m paraphrasing there but our literal first thought was “Heck yes!”.

Just a week later a package arrived at our door and we eagerly ripped open the package. We were expecting one or two frames to take a look at but instead, the box exploded forth a huge variety of options! First plus 😉

Easy Street Crafts carry two types of frames; Hoop-Frames and Sweet Suspensions: Two-sided Mini Frames.


If you have been stitching for a while, no doubt you’re familiar with embroidery hoops. The round wooden hoops with the tightening clasp at the top. They’re great and widely used for framing when you want a kind of home-sweet-home feel. But what about when you’d like a more traditional look to your finished piece but don’t want the hassle of cutting and positioning and mounting your work in a picture frame? Enter in Easy Street Crafts Hoop-Frames!

To use the frames is very simple. First you separate the two pieces, slide your fabric over the bottom half and then push the top half over your fabric and bottom piece. That’s it! It results in a tidy and drum tight surface for which you can cross stitch straight on to.

Not only is this a great framing and stitching option over a typical embroidery hoop but you also have more versatility in the shape of your frame. Hoop frames come in lots of different sizes AND shapes!

They also offer the Hoop frames in several different colors.

Sweet Suspensions: Two-sided Mini Frames

If you already have a frame you’re comfortable stitching with but want a different option for framing mini pieces, take a look at the Two-sided Mini Frames! These frames are obviously adorable but come with a quirky little twist; you can frame on both sides!

These frames come in five different shapes and come with instructions to turn them into little ornaments.

We think they would make lovely bride and groom Stitch People gifts, mobile ornaments or they would look amazing on the Christmas tree!

You can find out more about both of Easy Street Crafts frame options and order a set for yourself at

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Would you like to win this huge set of Easy Street Craft frames? Simply comment below with how you would use each side of one of the Sweet Suspensions: Two-sided Mini Frames i.e. bride one side, groom other side or dog one side, cat other side! For inspiration, visit the Easy Street Crafts website.

For an extra entry, follow Easy Street Crafts on Pinterest!

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  1. Fall is here and Christmas is around the corner!!! That means ornaments – big time. I’m in a group of 18 cross stitching women and I just hate to finish things. Your two sided frames will be perfect for these ornaments. The “problem” will be deciding on the charts now so I can plan to order the frames soon, especially as there might be delays due to the virus??? In checking you website, I’m also going to be tempted to buy a book or two to refresh my ornament ideas. I am so glad that you contacted Stitch People, or I never would have been able to find you! Thanks.

    1. Me on one side and my twin on the other. We’re 1,000 miles apart these days but distance really does make the heart grow fonder. We talk (almost) every day. Would love to make two sets (one for her and one for me). By the way, I LOVE the idea behind these frames.

      1. I would, of course, put my grandson as a Knight on one side and him as a boy on the other. He is four.

        Great frame ideas.

      2. Would live to win and make cross stitch Christmas ball ornaments with this set. Thanks!

    2. These would make adorable Christmas ornaments! My cousin got married this year; I would do a wedding motif on one side, and their names and date on the other! What a great way to memorialize such a special day! 👰 🤵 = 💞

    3. I love the idea of doing gift ornaments. All of my husbands family lives in different places so I think a person on one side and the state with a heart on the other for the tree! I also think it could be cute for a baby ornament – pregnant mom with due date/birth date on the back!

      1. I would use them for multiple different projects I would love to see a long frame. It seems to me I have trouble getting frames for long projects from 6-8 inches wide and 12-16 inches long.

    4. I would totally use them as wedding ornaments for my sister who just got married this month! The double sided frames are so cute!!

  2. Oh, I would definitely put one of our cats on one side and the other on the back – those would be amazing ornaments!

    1. We’ve got an odd tradition in our house…. the 4 kids each get a new Christmas ornament for the year of what they were for Halloween. So…. I’d do one for each kid with one side with them as a standard Stitch Person in one of their favorite outfits and then on the flip side, I’d do them as a Stitch Person in costume.

  3. Would love to do fall/Halloween on each side! It would be easy and perfect!

    1. I think it would be cute to do my son as a baby on one side, and a current stitch of him as a 12 year old. He would also get a kick out of super heros as their regular guy on one side, and their alter ego on the other side. Hmm, so many possibilities! 😊

  4. The two-sided frame is such a great idea! So many possibilities – “before and after” if someone you stitch has just gotten a new look (haircut, etc) or was pregnant but has had the baby now (like a birth announcement!), flipping seasons between summer and winter outfits, two best friends with one on each side (almost like a friendship necklace, but an ornament!), or a great mother-daughter gift!

    1. I would do a Christmas decoration on one side and a fall decoration on the other side. OR, I would do a time lapse of sorts. A mini couple of me and my husband when we were married vs. today. So many possibilities!

  5. The double sided ones would make some really cute Christmas ornaments!! Then no Mather where they are on the tree, or if the kids are messing with the ornaments, you have something cute to look at!

    1. I would love to win these awesome frames! I am making Christmas ornaments for my daughter’s college friends. I would put the person on one side and the school on the other. I would also do one of my great nephew with his age on the other side. So exciting!

    1. I would do one side young grandmother and other side current grandmother as a Christmas ornament or children the same way as they achieve different goals

  6. I would use these two sided frames as an adorable pregnancy announcement! It’s so cute! I love the idea of using them for ornaments too 😍

    1. I would possibly put a stitch on one side and maybe decorative fabric on the other. Or a stitch person or pet and stitch the date on the other side. Possibilities are endless!

  7. These are amazing! I can never get my hoops at tight as I’d like them and these sound like they’ll do the trick! I’d love to do some double sided stitches with one side work uniform and the other casual for me and my husband. They’d make great ornaments to hang on the cherry blossom lighted tree I have.

  8. I would do my cat on one side and my husband and the cat on the other. I got the cat for me but he choose my husband instead who didnt want a cat. I tell Gizmo all the time that daddy didnt want a cat and as soon as I walk away I hear my husband whisper to the cat she’s lying.

    1. My kid is a senior this year 😮 so I’d do a Stitch People version of her on the first day of kindergarten on one side and the last day of grade 12 on the other.

    2. The possibilities are endless! Picture on one side and a special note on the other, or a special date.

      Love the idea of different shapes and color variations…….

      Thanks for sharing Lizzy, Spencer and the Stitch People Team! 👍🏻

  9. I’d love to stitch one is my kids on each side for my mother in law for Christmas!

  10. I would love to make a picture of her with each of her 2 boys for them to have a pic of just her and Jordan or her and Justin. And then make one for me with her on one side and her boys on the other. And I can do one for he4 brother, sister and her dad. Her dad is really missing her. We all are missing her. It has been 6 months since sh3 passed away. It has not been easy. I’m trying to help raise her youngest son who just turned 19 and has had to move in with his dad. We are giving him her car so he can get a job and get his own place. I would love to make a stitch picture of his mom to put in the place he will be living. These frames would help me out a lot. Thank you very much.

    1. I would use the two sided ornament, Sweet Suspensions, to stitch my two grandchildren in Christmas attire…one on each side. Then, one with their parents. We are also planning to get a puppy just before Christmas, so would have to do one of her…

    2. Oh the possibilities are endless! Ornaments, dated keepsakes, baby announcements, birthdays! Love them!

  11. These frames are about the cutest things I have ever seen! Can you say CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! Plus my followers will love all of the variety for their gifts.

  12. I love the idea of a 2 sided ornament! We celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah so I could represent both on 1 ornament!

  13. I have at least two ideas for the two sided frames. My first thought was my best friend on one side and me on the other side. Of course I would have to make two frames. Another idea is my best friend on one side and her daughter on the other side.

  14. I am wanting to make some stitches of my husband and I during different points of our life! So one of us in college, one when we got married, our first home, etc. The double sided frames would be perfect!!

  15. I would love to put people on the front and info (names, dates, events) on the back. What a beautiful keepsake!

  16. I love the idea of two sided! You could do so many things with it! I love you could do things for seasons, and just flip it for the next season or holiday. It would be great for Christmas ornaments as well. I feel like the options are endless! I think it would be neat to do a baby announcement and the gender on one side to announce to grandparents.

  17. These frames are adorable! I would LOVE to turn the bell into a ghost for halloween! It would be so cute with a stitched face! I would also love to make sweet gifts to give to moms of soldiers. Sometimes having them far away is hard and having a little something to show that the world know they are making a sacrifice just like their son/daughter is.

  18. So so so cute! I have 2 boys and I would put each of them on a side. It would also make great presents for all the family!

  19. I am a teacher and I would stitch one side with a student a kindergarten age with the year and the other side in a graduation gown with the year he or she will graduate from high school. I would do one for each student I have this school year.

  20. I’d use vinyl or plastic canvas and make decorations for our sukkah!

  21. I love these cute frames!! I would probably stitch a portrait of my 2 boys on each side and use as a Christmas ornament!

  22. Wow! What cool & versatile frames! I would put some of the portraits I’m working on as Christmas gifts in these. Although I’m pretty sure there are endless possibilities for what these can be used for

  23. Ooohhhh!!! I would put my daughter as a small child and then my daughter at her current age on one for Christmas ornament. The sounds like so much fun!

  24. I absolutely LOVE everything Christmas so I’d definitely make ornaments with the two-sided frames, or a mobile for a nursery, a rocket ship out to discover the universe with stars and planets …. maybe a space alien or two 😉

  25. I would stitch a guitar on one side and the sign language sign for I Love You in ASL on the other to represent my two passions !

  26. I’m thinking Christmas and how much fun it would be to do a two sided ornament with two versions of the same person on each side…choose two parts of a person’s personality to highlight. My grandson: one side he might be a firefighter and the other side a golfer! My granddaughter a dancer and a volleyball player. Soo many possibilities. I can’t wait!!!!

  27. I would love to use these for wedding/anniversary/birthday gifts and for Christmas. So cute!

  28. Alright I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but these are adorable, so here I am. 🙂 For sure the hoop frame looks perfect for a project I’m working on of my brothers’ family! (They have no idea how far my cross-stitching skills have come, so they’ll be super surprised, hehehe) And as for the double-sided mini frames, this has given me the idea to start making yearly ornaments of my daughter (currently 7 months old) as she grows up!

  29. These are fantastic!! What a great idea!! When stitching, I’m always wondering about framing and what would look best. Sometimes it’s more stress than starting an entire project!! Stitching in a frame would be SO much more enjoyable because one could easily change colors while stitching to make sure frame and project go well together!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the two sided mini frames. Great gifts for all occasions!!

    1. I would probably would do one cat on each side. We’ve lost two of our sweet cats this year and it would be nice to put one on each side.

  30. I would use the double sided frames to do my spouse and I when we were first dating and the other side for now.

  31. Our 10th anniversary is coming up (soon in cross stitch time) and it would be so cute to do the wedding outfits on one side and the 10th anniversary look on the other!!!

  32. So cool!! I would love to use the double sided frame to stitch a portrait on one side and include a quote, verse, or other text in the other side. These would make great ornaments!! 🥰

  33. There are so many great uses for these frames. I love all the fun ideas. I would use them to do a stitch people portrait of my family with one side as their usual portrait. And the other with a mask on so we can remember what everyone looks like. As well as a fun way to remind us of one crazy year called 2020.

  34. I would use the two sided frames to make ornaments for the grandparents and put one of my kids on each side. Santa on one side and Mrs. Claus on the other would be cute, too!

  35. The little Easy Street 2 sided frames are adorable. I saw a ghost and immediately my mind jumped to kids or pets all dressed up in costumes. The frame could be hung on our Nightmare Before Christmas tree. After Halloween gift my newlywed friends, who got married on March 14th or Pi Day and the last day before lockdown.

  36. My New Years Resolution for 2020 included to learn how to stitch! Stitch People has been a huge part of my learning curve!
    I’ve been working on a few “Baby’s 1st X-mas” family portraits!
    But if I score this giveaway, then I’ll be able to gift an ornament to all of my friends and family: ballet slipper and a graduation cap for my sister, for my mom stitch me and stitch my sister. For my husband it would be a stitch puppy and another stitched puppy. For my roommate it will be “meh” on one side and pickles on the other…
    oh it would be lovely!

  37. Hello dear lizzy,
    I like these very much. When I frame I don’t like the hoop and search for all other kind of things. Like the luggage tag or a keychain. This fits in that way of framing. I like them! For making gifts. A portret on the one site and a text on the other. But what I really would like, if they are also to purchase in The Netherlands, or send to? Do you know that?
    Best regards Nicol van Hoof

  38. Then and now! wedding and then current. Could be an ornament or on a stand up all year.

  39. I would use these as christmas decorations. Santa on one side and Mrs Clause on the other. Or an elf on one side and Rudolph on the other. So cute.

  40. I love the ornament frames! The two-sided frames would be fun with a picture of a child at different ages. The ornament ones would be cute to do one every year for your children or grandchildren. They would probably love them and some might like to make their own. These will be a lot of fun!

  41. I would stitch a Christmas ornament on one side, and the stitch people portrait of the person I made the ornament for on the other! 🙂

  42. My big sister was the last in our family to get married. We knew she was starting to worry where her prince was. When we were little she always picked out the book Cinderella for my dad to read. Then, one day her prince came along and her fairytale began. Everything fell into place perfectly. Including her wedding dress. She loved two dresses for different reasons and she wanted it to be one so surprisingly in walks the designer!! He listened to her and promised he could do it. She was worried as usual and didn’t want to be over the top so said she would think about it. She went to another shop the following week and while she was fretting over more dresses the same designer walks into that shop!! (PS he doesn’t announce where he will be he was just in the area). They meet again and she tells him her worries. On the spot he takes out his drawing materials, draws up her perfect gown with her in it, and autographs it!! They ended up taking a picture together and she bought the dress he designed. She was the most beautiful bride with the perfect gown for her garden wedding. On one side I would draw her in the outfit with the designer (aka fairy godfather) and on the flip side her in her wedding gown the day she became Cinderella.

  43. Certainly I would use the two sides mini frames for my boys portraits with their individual likes…. perhaps a stitch of their likes such as soccer, baseball, or artistic endeavors. Then a more formal stitch of them at a certain age or even their school picture. GIFTS for the grandparents could be proudly placed on the Christmas tree as one of the treasured ornaments. These could also be used to create unique and special gift tags. Their portrait then a special greeting on the other side such as their birthday or holiday.
    Another idea I had was displaying a fun mixed drink or cocktail with the recipe on the other side. Lots of fun ways.

  44. I would do Then/Now, Before/After stitches.
    These frames are perfect for this kind of projects.

  45. I would put my 2 corgis on each side of the little ornament!!! So cute and love homemade gifts for the holiday season!!

  46. I’ve been using wooden hoops for years and giving many gifts that people enjoy.
    I’m excited to find a another way to share my joy of stitching with others.
    I’m 63 with Multiple Sclerosis for 36 years and still have good use of my hands.
    I can wait to try using these frames and see the joy in people.

    1. I’m thinking of the many ideas for many gifts I can make.
      I’ve been doing cross stitch for over 50 years and I can’t wait to try this new frames and ideas.

  47. These hoops look great! I love all the ideas here (and have definitely noted some for future use) but I also like the idea of simply stitching people on one side and the wording or dates on the other!

  48. I have always wanted to stitch some precious moments Christmas ornaments but didn’t want them in the old looking hoops. The 2 side mini will be perfect and make them look more classy.

  49. Golly geez, these look so cute! How do you decide what you would stitch first? Lots of good ideas were mentioned on the blog. They definitely perfect for Christmas ornaments which I would use as the gift tag on their Christmas gifts.

  50. I would love to do baby on one side first birthday on the other!! Or any other “aging” how cool to do anniversary then and now one for the bride one for the groom and then they can display young and older;)

  51. I love these frames! I have two grandchildren now so I would probably put stitch portraits of each of them on either side. So cute!

  52. The double sided frames are awesome!!! They would be perfect for a nursery mobile…you could stitch under the sea animals on either side or woodland creatures (or whatever your theme). Then add some wool balls and hang it up!! The options are endless. Or Christmas ornaments would be adorable by having kids on either side or a pet and pets name & birth on the other side. Like I said, options are endless! These are so fun.

  53. They are perfect for Christmas keepsake ornament!
    ❤️ Love ❤️

  54. I am so lucky to be a grandmother of eight and the youngest are twins (boy/girl). I would love to put one twin on each side of a two-sided frame in coordinating outfits. How fun would that be!

  55. I would use it to do a baby picture on one side and an adult picture on the other side for my sons.

  56. a Valentine’s gift. your friend on one side YOU on the other? I think I might do THAT.

  57. I seriously am not good at finishing my stitch work because it always seems so complicated. These look like it will take the complication out of finishing and I could finally see some of those stitches that are just neatly folded in drawers. Thanks for a great idea!

  58. Ooh I think adding small magnets and making a “dirty/clean” sign for a dishwasher with a Stitch person drowning in dishes and then a stitch person with a sparkling clean sink 😍

  59. I’d love to make ornaments for the grandparents in my life. All my siblings, sibling-in-laws, and I each have 2 children. It would be so cute to make double sided ornaments of all the grandchildren sets!

  60. Sounds perfect to update our pets as ornaments. Just have a ceramic bone with all the names of past dogs we have had which I made. Definitely need an update.

  61. These frames are adorable! I would love to try these for Christmas gifts with ornaments! My friends would love these for their kids on one side, and their name, age, and year on the back with a little shape. Then we could update them yearly and she could have them growing up on her tree! Or I would do wife on one side, hubby on the other.

  62. I am doing personalized little stitch people ornaments as Christmas gifts and these will be perfect!!! There are a lot of pets in the family, so I am thinking of doing the person on one side and their pet on the other. For those who don’t have pets, I might put something that is special to them on the other side like a guitar or a soccer ball. I might put a grand child on each side. So many possibilities!

  63. We have 2 parrots, so Rocky on one side and Ginger on the other side. Great idea with these frames.

  64. It would be so cute to different holidays on each side. I love to decorate for holidays but getting everything out and then putting it away a couple weeks later is the worst! 🤦‍♀️

  65. WOW!! I have never seen cute frames like this!! I would use them for gift ornaments for sure!! Also for individual stitch people ornaments!! So fun!!!

  66. This would be a PERFECT bday/christmas gift for my sis. She has 2 young daughters who would love to keep spinning an ornament back and forth on the tree keeping their picture on the front. My parents would definitely enjoy having one of their grand daughters!

  67. These would make wonderful gifts with each of the grandchildren on either side as gifts for their parents. The family pets on either side would also be a neat gift for the kids. Thank you for the chance a such a great prize.

  68. These frames are adorable. As many have said, they would make great ornaments. They’re perfect to flip and refresh decor, too! We’ve got a big family and it would be easy to “swap” out a stitch of all of us!

  69. I would do a grandchild on one side an something they love on the other as an ornament. For example, my oldest loves Superman soooo he’d be on one side and Superman on the other. He’d love it. I love different, unique ways to display any cross stitch work I complete. Now I have a new source. Thank you Lizzie.

  70. I would love to use those mini-frames to make gifts for the youth and mentors in the LGBTQ+ youth theatre I run. I’d do a rainbow or different pride flags on one side and then a Stitch People portrait of each of the youth on the other to give as end-of-season celebration gifts!

  71. I would love to stitch my daughter in one side and the year in the other to use as an ornament in her small Christmas tree

  72. I have been looking for some frames to use with my stitch work. Looks like I found them!

  73. I would stitch my son as a baby on one side and a young adult on the other, or our bichon all fluffy and brushed out on one side and trimmed for the hot weather on the other.

  74. It would be fun to do a birthday gift – one side how the person looked younger, the other how they look now.

  75. I would do each of my children with their years’ hobby or interest on one side and the year with short phrase on the other side. I have a Christmas growth chart that I sew the ornaments on at the height they are for that Christmas.

  76. I would love to use these to send little puck me ups to my college kids away at school!

  77. I would use the 2 sided frames as ornaments with my daughter depicted on one side and my son on the other.

  78. Stitch person or pet on one side with a date on the other. Great for Christmas ornaments, weddings, birthdays, graduations, the possibilities are endless!

  79. I would use one side for each of my cats! Trying to work on pet portraits! These look awesome!

  80. I think these would be so cute to put a stitch person on one side and the year or their name on the other. Or if they have multiple hobbies maybe have those represented on each side.

  81. I love these frames, and what is extra amazing is you don’t have to do anything fancy to the back of your piece. You just pop it in the frame, so simple and easy!

  82. I would love to make something for each one of my children and grandchildren. Perhaps an ornament of family picture.

  83. A girlfriend just moved states after losing her husband. I was already planning on doing a stitch of the house she lived in with her husband before he passed. I could do that on one side and the new house where she’s making new memories with her kids.

  84. Love the idea of different shapes and color variations. The possibilities are endless. My grandchildren are cross stitching so I would use it for their projects. First project and current project. 💞💞💞

  85. Stitch people on the front and fabric backed with the original photo.

  86. Oh these are so neat! My husband and I recently photographed a wedding for some theatre friends of ours and I would love to do a bride and groom stitch for their Christmas tree! It would be fun to do this for my husband and me, too.

  87. I immediately thought “Christmas ornaments!” But how I would currently use them would be to create a mobile to go over my baby’s crib. I think they’d be adorable mixed into a mobile with the nursery theme stitch on one side and baby’s name or sweet words on the other side. Or stitching special scenes from baby’s life with the date on the other side, such as the day my little one came home from the NICU. Lots of great options with the frames!!

  88. My son has his confirmation soon so I would put him on one side and his confirmation verse on the other.

  89. I would love to stitch one of my nieces on each side as a gift for my sister. ❤️

  90. My brother and my SIL are expecting their first baby this Christmas. I’d probably stitch my pregnant SIL on one side, tiny new baby on other!

  91. Ohhh so fun!! For the 2-sided ones, I’d create a seasonal collage. So one side would have like spring stitches and the other have fall (or summer and winter). I’m picturing a whole bunch of mini frames hung on the guest bedroom wall!

  92. Two ideas right off the bat: Schrödinger’s Cat with one side the live cat and one side the… not live cat. More practical, though, I’d probably make a Clean/Dirty flipper for the dish washer.

  93. These frames look so easy to use. I have been looking for something for the 12 Days of Christmas individual ornaments that I stitched and I think these would be perfect!

    I would definitely make Christmas Ornaments with them. I want to create Natavity ornaments as well as some fun pieces for my friends’ children. One five year old is in love with Frozen, so I could easily make her into a Stitch People Princess to hang on her tree or in her room.

  94. I think it would be fun to do the same child on each side. Starting with this year. Showing personality/style/growth. Next year complete the back side. The next year, add another ornament frame, updated for growth/style/personality…to see how they change over the years.

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