Stitch People 2nd Edition – What’s New?!

In case you haven’t heard yet – we’re releasing a new Do-it-yourself Stitch People; this time bigger and better! Curious what’s so great about it? Let’s take a look!

And that’s not all…

Along with the patterns you’ve known and loved we’ve added 12 new fonts (a $30 value!) plus new never seen before patterns including new clothing, accessories and more puppies!!

We’re not done yet!

Are you beginning to see how the book is 83% bigger?! Not only do we have all the above but there’s also:

Philosophy Explained: All the questions you’ve asked us about why Stitch People are designed the way they are, we’ve answered in our expanded Stitch People philosophy. Why do we stitch the eyes this way? Where are the noses? What’s the deal with the body sizing? If you’ve ever been curious, you’ll find your answer there.

Complete How To Guide: Everything you need to know to create your Stitch People in included in the book right down to how do I actually cross stitch! What materials do you need? How do you design a portrait? What stitches should I use? Everything you need is covered in one book.

New Techniques: How do I create lace effects? How do I layer my characters like in our family photo? How do I add a tattoo? What unique touches can I add? All these questions and more have been answered so you can make your own Stitch People portrait as unique as your family is.

Huge Glossary: We’ve marked every page so you don’t have to. Never paw through pages looking for that one pattern again. At the back of the book, you’ll find our new glossary allowing you to quickly and easily find the pattern or technique you are looking for!

Want to see more?

Check out this video where Lizzy personally takes you through the awesome upgrades to the book and see why we’re so proud!

And just because we love you…

Until October 1st, we’re giving EVERYONE a discount on the new edition!

1st Edition owners, please email us with your 1st Edition order details to receive your 50% discount on the new book.

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