Stitch People Backgrounds – Sneak Peek

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It’s finally arrived! The long awaited Stitch People Backgrounds Book! The perfect accompaniment to your DIY Stitch People book. Now your Stitch People can travel the globe or have fun at home in the garden.

If you haven’t seen what the backgrounds book has to offer yet, keep reading as we take you through all the fun things you’ll be able to add to your portraits!

53 pages of goodness in our convenient, lay flat spiral binding. Perfect for when you’re working on a complex pattern and don’t want to be fighting to keep your book open!

We had 3 designers working on 7 different chapters so we could cover pretty much all of the backgrounds and background accessories you might need.

Each chapter starts with an example pattern to show you the potential you have by combining just some of the patterns available to you!

Followed by all kinds of patterns associated with that chapter!

Your portrait could be made relatively simple by combining just a few patterns.

Or complex, by adding a whole bunch!

And throughout the whole book you will find helpful hints and tips to making the best out of your portrait!

Want to see more? Check out this video from Lizzy where you can see all the options you can use as she takes you through the whole book!

Ready to start adding backgrounds to your beautiful Stitch People portraits? Books are shipping right now! Head to this page to find out more and to purchase!

Have the book already? Don’t forget to tag us @stitchpeople in your Instagram or Facebook photos or send us your pictures to

Happy Stitching!

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