Stitch People Episode 23: Amanda Irvin – Master of Communications, Hobbyist of Needles & Threads!

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Have you ever had one of those conversations where time just flies and you seem to cover every subject under the sun? In this episode with Amanda, you’ll go on a long and winding journey from cross-stitching to communication with remote working teams to raising children in a society with rapidly changing technology. Amanda is smart as a whip, and delightful as can be and you’ll no doubt walk away feeling like you’ve made a new friend.

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Words of Wisdom from Amanda Irvin:

1. Everyone starts somewhere! I started by making a lot of gifts (mainly wedding portraits). As I became confident in my designing and stitching skills, my portraits became more detailed as I tried  a new design and/or stitch on each portrait. 

2. Use a smaller needle for small details and single-strand stitching. I like to keep a multi-pack of size 6-10 needles on hand in addition to my standard size 5’s. 

3. Don’t take on projects you don’t want to. It will feel like it’s taking forever and it won’t be fun. 

4. I find that if I want to accent or highlight something, like a waistline on a dress or the differentiation between torso and arms, choosing a darker color than your main stitches will work better than choosing a lighter color. 

5. I have NEVER met a grumpy stitcher on IG. Everyone I’ve reached out to across the US has been kind, enthusiastic, and willing to help/chat. We have such an incredible online community, I am so grateful!!! 

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