Stitch People Gathering – FAQ’s!

All you’ve ever wanted to know and more about our inaugural Stitch People get-together!

How to book tickets

You can find more information plus buy tickets at

Why Utah?

The short answer is that we live here!  Since this is our first ever event, and we have a ton of Stitch People fans in our home state, we figured this would be a great place to start!  This event will celebrate our Stitch People community, bring us all together, and let our creative, supportive, enthusiastic fans meet in real life!  Plus we’ll finally get to give you a real hug! 

Will you be coming to my city?

Yes, or at least close to it!  Our plan is to set up at least one event on the East Coast and one on the West Coast.  If you’d like us to come to your town, let us know (!

Why are you starting live events?

Well, it all started with you guys!  People say that our Community Group is one of the best on Facebook.  Now we’re more than 5000 members strong, there is still so much comradery, friendliness and communication, we wanted to give you guys the opportunity to start meeting and connecting with each other in real life!  What could be better than sitting down, stitching and making new friends while you do it?!

Will there be a live-streaming option?

Absolutely there will!  For those of you who can’t be there personally, we’ll be hosting a live-stream of all the classes and talks of the event.  Unfortunately you’ll miss out on the swag bag and meeting everyone so we hope you’ll try to make it in person! Tickets for the live-stream event will be $29 and will be available to purchase very soon at

Can beginner cross-stitches attend?

Of course!!! No matter what your level of cross-stitching is, you’ll gain new skills and learn so much!

What’s the schedule?

We’re so excited about the schedule of events we have planned for you.  We’re still putting together classes and entertainment for you but so far the event will look something like this:

  • Registration
  • Breakfast snacks with meet and greet
  • First section: In the first section of the day, Lizzy and Spencer will take us through the theme of the day.  We’ll chat about ways to expand your creativity and talk about how to take your hobby to the next level by selling your portraits.
  • Second section: This will be the time where you can take classes and learn from the experts.  We’ll have several classes where you’ll learn new stitches, fun things you can do with your portraits and tips & tricks to take your Stitch People in a creative new direction!
  • Third section: This section of the day will be all about what you want to know.  If there’s something that you haven’t learned that you wanted to or you have a burning question to ask, our panel will be there to help you and answer all your questions in our live Q&A.  
  • In between each part of the day there will be fun things to do like our awesome photobooth!  We’ll also be catering the event with one of Lizzy’s most favorite caterers, 180 Tacos!
  • After the event, we’ll be organizing a less formal event for those who are staying the night or have time to stay with us into the evening.  We’ll tell you more about this soon!

What should we bring with us?

First of all, a warm coat.  Utah can be chilly in February!  Second, there will be LOTS of opportunities for you to stitch.  Bring any supplies such as fabric, hoops, needles, embroidery scissors and floss you’d like to use during classes or breaks.  If you have projects that you’d like to show off or work on while you’re at the event, please also bring them! You’ll be able to get feedback from your fellow stitchers plus you’ll put a huge smile on our faces!

What will be provided at the event?

It’s all about the swag!  Each attendee will receive a free swag bag full of treats.  This will include stickers, a free pattern and accompanying embroidery kit, and more.  We’ll also have available for purchase all of the Stitch People books, plus fun merch like mugs and t-shirts that you can take home to remember the day.  

What’s this I hear about a new book?

The rumors are true!  We’ll be releasing an all new, much anticipated Wedding Stitch People book at the event!!!!  Attendees will be able to get their hands on the book a full month before it is available more generally. Sorry, no pre-orders until after the event!

Where to find accomodation

We have negotiated a discounted rate on a block of rooms at two hotels near the event! 

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn is a little cheaper than the Hyatt but it is a little further away.  To book the Holiday Inn with our discounted rate call the front desk and tell them you are staying with Stitch People.  They will make sure the discount is applied to your room.

The Hyatt

The Hyatt is a little more expensive than the Holiday Inn but it is walking distance to the event center.  To get the discounted rate for the Hyatt, drop us an email at and we’ll put you in touch with the right person!

What else is there to do in the area?

We are lucky enough to be hosting in one of the most beautiful and fastest growing areas of Utah so there is plenty to do!  Here is a list of just some of the fun things to do close by or a short drive away:

Places to go

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium 

Thanksgiving point: museums and gardens 

Springville Art Museum

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Ski Resort

Deer Creek Ski Resort

Brighton Ski Resort

Alton Ski Area

City Creek Center in SLC

Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University, University of Utah campuses for sports, performing arts, etc.

Hale Centre Theatre Sandy (where Lizzy and Spencer recently performed in “A Christmas Carol!”

Hale Center Theater Orem (where Lizzy and Spencer met!)

Music and the Spoken Word: Sunday Morning Live Performance/Broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (free)

Cities or towns to visit

Salt Lake City

Park City

St. George

Cedar City


Rock Canyon Hike

National Parks: Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Monument Valley, Capitol Reef National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Golden Spike National Historical Park, Goblin Valley State Park, Historic Temple Square in Salt Lake City

I’m flying in, what can I bring on the plane?

Most embroidery supplies are OK to bring on the plane with you, especially if you are flying domestically.  The only thing you should be careful about are large fabric scissors. Anything larger than 4 inches is likely to be confiscated.  For more information about travelling with your Stitch People supplies, check out our blog post here.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions at all, drop us a line at!  Lizzy, Spencer or our assistant Theresa will get back to you asap!

2 thoughts on “Stitch People Gathering – FAQ’s!”

  1. Happy to hear that you’re planning an event on the East Coast! I live in Georgia (near Atlanta) and have tried to figure out a way to get to Utah for your first event but it’s just too far. Would love to have you anywhere in the Southeast!

  2. I live with my family in Upstate NY. What fun it would be to have a StitchPeople event on the northeast coast somewhere. I know…. since we are so close to Saratoga Springs where the famed racetrack is, you could hold it on the dark day of the week for the races sometime between July and August! The city even has a convention center for you 😊

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