Stitch People patterns you never thought you’d need…but probably do

The thing we didn’t realize when we wrote the DIY Stitch People book was that we were creating a monster. A beautiful, friendly and useful monster. So I suppose first we should apologize for not warning you quite how addictive making Stitch People patterns would be. Sorry :-/

Much like chocolate chip cookies, you start with one and soon realize you’ve finished the whole bag; then, suddenly find yourself at the store searching for more! Well, making Stitch People portraits is a much healthier activity so we don’t feel too bad about encouraging this habit.

The story usually goes a little like this. You’ve created a few standard portraits like the one above and gifted them to friends and family. You then get asked to make one for someone else and you being you, happily oblige! On this portrait they ask, “can you include something about my favorite (insert hobby/personality quirk here), it’s really important to me?” But how on earth do you create that?

Well chances are Stitch People have you covered! If there is no end in sight to future Stitch People portraits for you (the holiday are fast approaching…just sayin’) here are the patterns that we most recommend having available to add those special details and quirky little fun objects that make your Stitch People portraits so personal!

Stitch People Home and Clothing Accessories

If you can only add one supplemental book to the DIY Stitch People book, this is the one we’d recommend. Not only does this pattern collection give you clothing accessories you will not find in the DIY Stitch People book but it include pretty much all of the objects of home that you could possibly need!

And yes that includes a toilet…

The accessories pattern collection includes patterns for desks, bathroom furniture, computers and gaming accessories, cell phones, outdoor playsets, lamps, kitchen accessories and much much more! You’ll find yourself coming back to this collection again and again for that certain little object that will complete your next portrait.

Stitch People Home and Clothing Accessories is $19 and is currently only available as an ebook.

Stitch People Backgrounds

As you make more and more portraits, you’ll find yourself getting more adventurous in your designs! That’s when you start thinking about adding backgrounds to your portraits! This gives you the opportunity to capture favorite memories of family trips or places that are special to your heart. If you’re not much of a traveller, the book also has patterns for stay at home gardeners!

The patterns in this book range from very simple additions to full and detailed backgrounds that cover the whole canvas.

Stitch People Backgrounds is available as a physical or digital book from $29

Stitch People Alphabet Bundle

Did you know we also offer text patterns? If you’re craving something a little different to the fonts available in the book, maybe it’s time to add to your collection.

The Stitch People Alphabet Bundle will give you all kinds of fun options to try out on your next portraits! From flowy script to chunky block letters, you’ll find something to suit any personallity!

Stitch People Alphabet bundle is $39 and is currently only available as an ebook. All Alphabets in this bundle are also available individually.

Stitch People Borders, Embellishments and Motifs

Sometimes you just need that extra little touch that gives your portrait some flare. Maybe you want to keep it simple this time but a standard portraits just doesn’t do it for you. Here comes the Borders, Embellishments and Motifs digital download!

This pattern collection lets you easily and quickly and a little bit of personality to an otherwise simple portrait. Try adding just a simple border or a couple of floral motifs? You’ll be surprised how much this adds to your finished peice!

Looking for something more specific?

Don’t you know there’s always that one thing you suddenly need but it’s so specific, you never thought to look for a pattern for it! First stop, the Stitch People website! Amongst the above collections, we also have patterns for a whole range of things that Stitch People stitchers have requested over the years! From certain dances or sports…

to religious or cultural clothing…

to seasons and holidays!

And if you don’t find it there, drop us an email! Maybe we have something just right in the works?

We hope you are finding your Stitch People stitching as enjoyable as we do making them for you! Comment below with some of the special details you’ve added as your Stitch People portraits grow in number.

Happy stitching!

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    1. Peggy, it is an electronic or digital copy of the book instead of a paper copy. You receive a PDF file to be downloaded. You may view it digitally, or print it off if you prefer.

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