Stitch People Podcast Episode 11: Claire Doherty – Australian Nurse & Creative Stitcher 

Claire is the kind of person who continually plugs away at projects, and digs into whatever subjects interest her! A nurse by day, and a cross-stitching maven by night, Claire shares her love for Hamilton the musical, historical events, rescue dogs, and so very much more! Tune in to enjoy her lovely Australian accent and her take on what’s important in life.

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“Our pregnancy announcement from January.”
“Our dogs. Daphnne and Argo.”
“Our turtle Turkleton.”

“I think this is the first portrait I was paid to make, and it’s still one of my favorites.”
“I had to share a couple of pictures of my favorite Stitch People portraits. This is from my cousins wedding earlier in the year. It’s always such a thrill to give a handmade gift, and they loved it.”
“I didn’t make most of this one. My mum started it a long time ago, probably 20 years ago. It sat unfinished and untouched for properly 5 years or more. It was so sad to me to see it sitting in a box, so I finished it off, there wasn’t much left to do, just the words and a little bit of mumma bear. Then I had it framed for her as a gift. Mum taught me to stitch when I was 12, it was nice to be able to finish this off for her.”
“I once cross stitched a meditating unicorn design on a 2 meter tall pegboard canvas. It was so much fun to do cross stitch on an unusual medium.” 
“I found my light house stitch! I wanted to send a pic of it before but I couldn’t find it. I’ve heard you (Lizzy Bean) talk a couple of times about how we’ve all make a light house piece at some point, I’m no exception 😂. I still love it.”
“I also love to crochet. I’ve made many blankets, including this bed hive inspired baby blanket. It’s fun to make practical things sometimes, something someone can wrap themselves up in.”
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