Stitch People Podcast Episode 4: Annie A – Voice-over Artist & Simple Things Advocate

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Let’s just call it like it is: Annie A is the coolest. A wholehearted school teacher turned voice over artist turned inventive mother and Stitch People portrait maker with a can-do attitude, Annie exudes confidence and clarity in what she does and how she does it. Her energy is infectious and her appreciation for the simple things in life may inspire you to reprioritize a little – in all the best ways! One thing is for sure, her love for true crime podcasts and Stitch People will help her community if anyone ever goes missing! 

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This is a picture of Annie in a typical stitching situation with one of her cats (Marvin).

Annie’s favorite pieces have always been gifts that really help a person feel “seen” for either who they are, or what they love — “This one was for one of my best friends since I was a kid.  She got really into Schitt’s Creek during the pandemic (as did I!) and I made this for her — it was SO FUN to make, and such a good example of how hair and outfits (and eyebrows!!) can really make a Stitch Person look like “them!””

A gift for her brother’s girlfriend for the holidays — “She is a fashion designer so I traced out her brand logo, and made her in a very typical outfit… it wasn’t until I added her amazing curly hair that it really turned into “her”!  She felt so seen for who she is and what her style is, and it felt so nice to be able to make that for her.”

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