Stitch People Podcast Episode 8: Lindy Herman – Copyright! Trademark! Intellectual Property! Oh My!!!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Listen all about it!! This podcast episode is a little different from the rest. Lindy Herman, an artist in her own right, is not an official member of the Stitch People community. However, she has been supportive of Stitch People since its inception, acting as legal counsel regarding everything related to copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property, and more! With so many people interested in starting and actively running their own small businesses, we thought we’d invite Lindy on the podcast to give us all a rundown of the basics of IP Law and share some pro tips with our listeners about things they can do and be aware of – both as a consumer of goods, and as a potential business owner, maker, artist, or crafter! 

Disclaimer: This episode is not intended to provide any official legal advice. Please contact an Intellectual Property Lawyer to discuss your own, individual needs.

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