Stitch People Spring Fling 2022

Spoiler alert: it was a blast!

What do you get if you merge a 3 day cross-stitch learning event, hundreds of avid crafters and a neon 90’s throwback? You get an awesome party last weekend!

For Stitch People Spring Fling 2022, hundreds of avid cross-stitchers and crafters all got together online to learn new skills with a 90’s flare. Or should we say glare because those retro 90’s clothing are BRIGHT! Over 3 days, we learnt from Stitch People founder Lizzy Bean and 2 specially selected teachers: different types and a walk through of some of the most popular cross-stitch software and apps, how to design those super awkward and detailed patterns of the 90’s and the best stitches to use for them!

Our special guest Hillary Nestrick – Stitch People Pattern Designer teaching us about cross-stitch design apps

What good is a 90’s theme without a 90’s family photo? We put a call out to the Stitch People community for a family photo from the 90’s to demonstrate techniques with. You did not disappoint, many laughs and tears were spent choosing from the submissions. We chose a classic 90’s Christmas family photo, generously donated by our friend Amanda McCurley…

Lizzy teaching in her space themed shirt. Is that the same shirt from 9-year-old 90s Lizzy? Maybe 😉

Shoulder pads alone can drive any Stitch People stitcher to pots! So we talked about how to capture those difficult shapes and details in a cross-stitch pattern. And then of course we stitched them…

Scroll down if you want to see the final stitch!

The joy of joining in on an online event is that you can attend from the comfort of your own sofa; and many of you did!

But that doesn’t mean you missed out on making new friends and chatting with old ones. As in all our Stitch People events, the chat room was a flourish with chatter, recommendations and encouragement!

For those die hard Stitch People stitchers, we also had a VIP area where you could join us after class to just Sip & Stitch! Sip & Stitch attendees had extra giveaways, Spencer’s cocktail of the day, got to ask specific questions and enjoy a general chit chat. All online with the option to go face-to-face if you wanted that extra intimate connection. We learned all about everyone’s latest project and heard some awesome life news!

That’s all well and good, but you can’t have an event, especially a 90’s event without a 90’s playlist! Can you guess some of the throwback jams we were listening to? Well you don’t have to guess, you can listen for yourself!

Wait, there was more?! Yes fair reader, there was a bunch more! Along with 3 days of tutorials, the option to ask direct questions and chat with cross-stitch enthusiasts; a ticket to the Stitch People Spring Fling also gets you two extra free patterns…

Remember this very popular 90’s show??
…coz the face ain’t listening!

A 3 day discount on ALL Stitch People products and early access to this very special and sought after new release…

Click this picture to see what plants are included!

Did we mention the giveaways? So. Many. Giveaways! We had prizes ranging from gift cards, to new craft books, to grab bags, to DMC making kits! We also had a social media photo contest to post your 90’s themed photos. That’s where we saw this very special piece!

I mean, can you even?!

And this incredible piece (that mullet though 🤣)…

…it’s business in the front and party in the back

DAAANG! I missed it 😭

Don’t panic! As with all the Stitch People events, each day is recorded! If you want to grab all of that awesome learning content, or simply get ahold of those free patterns – you can! Just head to the following link to purchase. The recorded sessions will all be available immediately!

Phew that’s a lot of fun to be had! But we mustn’t forget that family photo from the 90’s. How do you think it turned out?

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