The top 9 (million) Stitch People gifts from 2020

Haha! Well not quite 9 million but still a lot! When we put out a call to our community for the favorite Stitch People gift they gave this year, we did not expect the kind of response we did! Today we’ll show you just 9 but please, please, pleeeeaase, if you have the DIY Stitch People book, join the Stitch People Facebook Community to see dozens of others. Not to mention the sweet stories behind each one of them.

Here are just a few highlights! Get ready for your heart to melt in 3…2…1…

My upstairs neighbor is a single mother of a 20 year old boy who is on the pretty severe side of the spectrum. I love this boy so dearly, he gets up and wears a sport coat and shirt and tie every day to “school” and is super excited when the bus comes. What a stud! I made her this ornament and she burst into tears. Obviously I love her too!

Mandy Pardilla Bartley

For my parent’s 25th anniversary in the 80’s my siblings gave them a hot air balloon ride. My dad was a photographer and wanted to take the world’s first selfie with a monopod. He distracted the balloon driver so much that the guy forgot to put the fresh helium tanks on board. About ten minutes into the flight he realized his mistake and told them to prepare for a crash. They ran into electric lines. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it became a funny story they have told over the decades. We lost my Dad in 2019 and I made this for my mom for Christmas and will give it to her in a frame with photos from their trip. My kids told me to go to my FB group and ‘flex’ my basket!

Amy Tobias Jalics

After over 250 hours of planning and stitching, I am so excited to deliver these to my friends today!!!!

Heather Dahlgren Phelps

This one I made for my parents. We’ve gone to at least one Yankee game every year as long as I can remember until this year. This was a labor of love and I learned a lot doing the building! It is not as crooked in person as it looks on the photo I swear lol

Joy Allard

I designed these ‘Thank You’ gifts for our amazing key workers 

Jessica Manson

I made my grandmother a family tree pillow for her 90th birthday in February (pre COVID)

Emily Ogden

I used inspiration from this group to make this for my son’s 1st grade teacher last June to celebrate what an amazing job she did teaching online last spring!

Tony Ferrara

I stitched this portrait for a lady in our town. Her oldest son serves in the Marines. This year her youngest son joined the Army and due to COVID she was not able to attend his graduation, nor did he get to come home after graduation. I wanted her to have something since both her sons serve and are away from home!


This is my favorite! I’m making two that are identical, and they’ll be going to fellow stitchers from this group who didn’t receive a swap. I’m so happy with them and can’t wait to send them out!

Lexie Groves

Want to see more?! We don’t blame you. Make sure you have your DIY Stitch People book order number (or let us know how it was gifted to you) and join the Stitch People Facebook Community today!

We’d love to hear about the favorite gift you gave this last year! Comment below or drop us an email at

Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!

Lizzy, Spencer and the Stitch People Team

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