The Weddings Edition! An all new Stitch People book

We started Stitch People in 2014 and from the very first day we heard “You need more wedding suits”, “Do you have anything for lace?” “How do I make this type of wedding dress?” So yes, this book is of a highly requested topic and a very long time in the making!

What took us so long you ask? Well, unless you’ve never attended a wedding in your life, you’ll have an idea of the amount of work that goes into a wedding. With that work comes lots of flourishes and beauty and detail – it’s no small feat to translate that into cross-stitch. That meant we needed to make this book a little different…well a lot different to our other pattern books. Along with the adorable and detailed people patterns you’ve come to expect from Stitch People, this book also includes way more information on designing your portrait, choosing color, adding personal touches. PLUS! Creating a wedding dress is no joke, to do it justice in cross-stitch we’ve added a whole bunch of techniques you can use to please even the pickiest wedded couple.

Let’s explore the all new Stitch People Weddings!

Design Considerations

As you probably know, we think designing your portrait is the most important part of making your Stitch People. A wedding portrait is no different except you have more that you get to include. The wedding book goes over everything you should think about so that you can make your portrait as beautiful as possible. Not only do we talk about some of the opportunities you get to add detail such as hairstyles, jewelry and personal touches; we also talk about the different fabrics available to you, how changing the type of thread can give you awesome effects and even, when to outline!

Extra Techniques

We don’t stop at design considerations, we’ve also added a whole bunch of useful stitches that you may not have ever considered using in a cross-stitch project! These stitches will add all the loving, intricate, distinguishing touches that will make your portrait truly one-of-a-kind.

Tips for Accessories

Some areas may require a little more detail than others such as that lace bodice or gorgeous and huge bouquet! We’ll give you a bunch of tips to help you with these sometimes difficult areas so you can convey these important features in the truest way.

100s of New Patterns

And of course we could never forget the most important part – we’ve created 100s of beautiful new patterns for you to cover almost every wedding detail you could imagine!

From flower girls, bridesmaids, veils, umbrellas, confetti and of course wedding dresses.

To grooms and groomsmen right down to hipster hats, bowties and pocket squares!

And of course, a bunch of yummy cakes that look good enough to eat!

You thought we’d stop there? No way! We also created patterns for all kinds of backgrounds and accessories including the signing table, arches, couches, windows, cars, buffet tables, benches and so so much more!

There are even alphabets and embellishment options

And if you don’t feel like putting in a whole lot of work into the positioning of your portrait, we also provided you with ready made scenes like beach wedding, church wedding, silly group positions and even sunset scenes.

We hope you like this new edition to the Stitch People catalog! We feel like it’s one of our best yet!

To order your copy, head to the Stitch People website now. Don’t forget to send us pictures of all of the beautiful wedding portraits you make. You can email us anytime at

Happy stitching!

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  1. Wow! This will be the perfect edition to my pattern collection. We have 2 family weddings in the next year.

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