7 totally “do-able” ways to organize your floss

When you stitch as much as we do, organizing your 100’s of floss colors becomes a necessity!  Unless of course you don’t mind finding yards of thread in your sofa cushions.  Not to mention that time at the grocery store when you realized everyone was staring at you because you were trailing DMC3712 from your sweater as though it were a wedding veil…

Suffice to say, we’ve learned our lesson.  Here at Stitch People, we use bog standard floss organization boxes with plastic bobbins (available from most craft stores).  Cheap, cheerful and effective.

But we began to wonder what else was out there.  Well, we came across a few great ideas ranging from the almost too obvious to downright beautiful.  Here’s what we found:

1.      From Birds Nest on the Ground  This is slapping yourself on the forehead, why didn’t I think of that good.  Those little baggies that have been sitting in your pantry, ready to be used once and then head to the landfill could have a longer and more elegant life as storage for your beautiful floss!  Use index cards and labels to keep everything organized.

2.     Make a display of your floss by using this idea from Amerooniedesigns.com  Wrap your floss around cute mini clothespins and hang them from a pin board.  Easily accessible when you need it and creates a colorful display to hang on your wall when not in use!

3.    An adorable idea from Rosanne Kermes on Auribuzz  Use tiny bottles to store and then stack your floss in.  If you find corked bottles like Rosanne’s, you can label the tops leaving the colors to shine through the lovely glass.

4.     Raid your doctors office for some tongue depressors and try out this idea from Laura Radnieki then store them in clear glass jars for a nice tabletop display.

5.     Putting those key rings to good work is Jody from Satsuma Street.

6.     Inherited some old card catalog drawers?  Put them to good use with this tutorial from 1dogwoof.

7.     And finally, from Brenda via Needle n Thread  Those irritating plastic ringbinders from all your old notebooks at last have a good use!

How do you prevent floss stash explosions in your craft area?  Let us know by commenting below or drop us a line at info@stitchpeople.com.

Happy Stitching!

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