Ways to add WOW to your Wedding with Stitch People

Receiving a custom handmade Stitch People portrait of your wedding day is such a sweet and timeless way to remember your special day.  We’ve seen hundreds of Stitch People wedding portraits, each one filled to the brim with the tiniest details and genuine love for the couple.  

But what if you want to turn the tables?  What if it’s your wedding and you want to show your guest the same love and appreciation?  Well, we have just the thing for you.  Here are just a few great ways to make sure they remember your wedding forever.

Engagement Announcement

Before the wedding planning even begins, you can use Stitch People to share your happy news.  

Jamie Davidson stitched this sweet gift for her brother and her future sister in law when she heard the news of their engagement!

Save the Dates

When planning begins, you can give your guests a treat by sending out little Stitch People. 

Xandra Mulder and her husband photographed her Stitch People portrait and sent it out with their Save the Dates!

Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Gifts

When it’s almost the big day, you could add sweet little Stitch People treats to your bridesmaid or groomsmen gift bags.  Watch their faces light up as they see their likeness in Stitch People form!

Maybe you could present them with a portrait to remind them no matter what happens in life, you’ll always be the fab four.

Or like Francine Pfeffer make these adorable little key-rings.

A Welcome Portrait

Of course there are so many ways to include Stitch People on your actual wedding day.  Perhaps you have a Stitch People portrait on display as people arrive.

It could be as simple as a portrait of just the two of you.  Give people a hint to what you will look like in your beautiful dress 😉

Or something more intricate with details your guests will know about you like this brides love of red Wellingtons!

Tell a story

Some people have slideshows of the couple, why not add flare with a Stitch People love story?!

Lianne Hurtado created this beautiful love story of important dates to her and her husband.

A Wedding Party Board

Add a fun feature to your wedding with a Stitch People Wedding Party board. 

The guests at Amber Bertsch’s wedding loved her unique take on it.  Can your guests recognize the people in your wedding party from the board?  

The Guest Book

Get the guest involved by adding a portrait to your guest book just like Lauren Kopp did here!

And after all the fun, will you be leaving in a sweet ride?

Of course there’s no reason the fun has to stop on the wedding day! 

Ann Bouthillier created a replica of her wedding photograph including her whole family!

Anniversary Gifts

Need a gift for your cotton anniversary?  Even with a few years of wedded bliss under your belt, you can still use Stitch People to remember the time your love began.

Created for their parents Guta Riom and Katy Loyd made these magnificent anniversary portraits.  

And how could we not include THE royal wedding?  Check out this portrait made by Brittany Caffet of the Queen and Prince Philip for their 70th!

These were just some of the ways you can use Stitch People portraits to add a delightful, handmade, unique and heartfelt touch to your special day.  Do you have any more ideas for how Stitch People could be used for a wedding day?  Let us know in the comments!

If you are getting married soon we wish you all the love and light in the world for your marriage.

Happy stitching!

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