Finally! Stitch People Occupations & Hobbies Volume 2 is here…and it’s boss!

These may be the funnest patterns ever, and here’s some ideas for how to use them!

Take a look at these brand new categories and tell me they don’t inspire your next Stitch People Portraits! Here’s what how we’ll using them…

Gift this to the local barista who always gets your order right (no matter how tough you make it)!

Venti nonfat soy milk latte with 3 shots of espresso steamed almond foam 7 pumps cinnamon syrup and a side of Stitch People portrait!

That freshly painted wall needs a fresh Stitch People portrait!

The contractor who did an amazing paint job on that 12ft wall deserves a little decoration of their own.

You’re invited to game night!

Turn that Stitch People portrait into the invite for the inaugural Bridge Buddies game night.

Your Baywatch Babe’s Lifeguard-a-versary

Celebrate a full year of saving lives and warning whistles. Their “NO RUNNING!!!” bellow can be heard for miles!

Click here for a throwback

What’s up doc? My good cholesterol, that’s what!

Thank the doctor for extending your healthy years with a Stitch People portrait to brighten up that sparse desk of theirs.

Remember the glory days

The Spit Swizzle Smelly Butt Punk Band may have given its final performance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t memorialize those ‘turn it up to 9’ days forever.

Make a self portrait your next masterpiece

You’re an artist in more ways than one! Remind yourself everyday with a Stitch People self portrait!

Inspire mini minds to reach new heights!

Let them know that they too can reach the stars with those smarts, and this inspiration.

I mean…do we really have to say anything?

A cross-stitch of a cross-stitcher, cross-stitching! You can’t get anymore awesome than this.

No entry! It’s ‘Me time’

Woe become them if they enter your space when this is hanging on the door!

They taught you to love numbers, teach them to love cross-stitch!

Miss Green deserves a thank you from the 5th grade class of 2022.

Have these ideas have inspired you to use these brand new Stitch People patterns in your own pieces? Comment below or drop us an email ( with your ideas for Stitch People Occupations & Hobbies Volume 2!

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