Freebie Alert: Mother’s Day!

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Raising small humans into bigger, productive, well-adjusted humans is no easy task! Parents the world over sacrifice a great deal for the benefit of their children and this month we’ll be celebrating mothers everywhere!

With all the advertising hitting my inbox lately, it’s hard to decide how to show Mom how much she is appreciated: do I buy her a gift? Flowers? Make a gorgeous dinner? Bring her cake?! (The last option is usually a hit).

Another option is a hand-made treasure, just like she got from us when we were kids! Give Mom a gift with some Stitch People flair to demonstrate the legacy she has created. Framed, attached to the front of a card, made into a hanging ornament – however you style this, every time she sees it she’ll be reminded of the loving family she helped create and shape with love.

So our gift to you (whether you’re a mother or not) is our Mother’s Day Sampler!