Stitch People Podcast Episode 19: Amanda Jansen – Heart of Gold & Inspirational Newlywed

You’d never guess in a million years that Amanda was second-guessing her choice to do a podcast interview! Her energy is infectious, her enthusiasm is inspiring, and you’ll be absolutely energized by her wholehearted approach to cross-stitching and gift giving, and her tenacious ability to jump into a new idea and figure out something completely new.

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Thoughts from Amanda… “I am attaching a few pictures of me and my family. I am proud of who I am thanks to God, my mother (R.I.P.) and to all my love ones that have been there when I needed them the most. Proud of my husband and thankful for him because he is always supporting my cross-stitch hobby and always participating in the activities of the stitch people community, in any way possible.  I do not have any other hobbies, not enough time hahahaha, but my favorite cross stitch is the “we are the stitch people” which is also the first stitch people portrait that I’ve made about me, my husband and our birds. I enjoy real live criminal stories when I cross stitch or Disney movies so I can sing along.”

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