Stitch People Podcast Episode 6: Rebecca Peters – Thoughtful & Creative Teacher

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Rebecca’s thoughtfulness knows no bounds. If you’re needing a dose of inspiration or someone to look up to who absolutely NAILS IT in the category of “thoughtful gift giving,” look no further! She does it all. She does it well. And she seemingly does it for everyone who’s important to her. A world-traveler, compassionate service-giver, and artsy crafter by nature, Rebecca is sure to get you smiling.

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“I enjoy all the hobbies where you can make something but I particularly love making things as gifts and for my classroom. I am sending one of my first (non-stitch people) cross stitches that I did on the Montessori World Map where the continents have specific colors and it hangs in my classroom.”
“My first Stitch People portrait is of my family that I gave to my mom at what felt like the middle of the pandemic but now feels like just the beginning. 🙂 ”
“A picture of pencil pouches that I make as a gift for my third graders when they leave me after 3 years in my class.”
“A picture of my daughters and me, drawn and given to me a few years ago by my older daughter. I am so happy that I have two preteens who love and value giving and receiving thoughtful, handmade gifts.”

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