That was tinsel-tastic!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our first ever holiday event! We had such a great time chatting and learning with you all!

Behind the scenes with Lizzy!

We had some fantastic presenters during the week!

We started the week of with a holly jolly Lizzy teaching us how to get organized and most importantly get over that fear of not getting it right.

Be brave enough to be bad at something new” – Jon Acuff

We saw some of the CUTEST portraits and learned how to get over the fear of starting and some of the ways to gain inspiration for your piece from our friend Carole Ricco. Carole also took us through how to create your own Stitch People ornament!

Do you have a special message you want to convey with your hand-stitched gift? Kate Anderson joined us to tell us all about adding text to your piece and all of the fun fonts you can use to embellish your message!

We took a look at some truly unique frames from Auburn Hoops and some ways to tidy up the back of your stitching before you frame it.

And we finished the week off chatting with Karly from Cloth and Twig about business and gifting!

We also hosted our first stitch-a-long! All attendees had access to a free pattern which we stitched together at the end of class! This gave us the chance to wind down and learn all about you including your favorite TV shows. Father Brown for the win!

We had giveaways! Oh so so many giveaways!!!

And a digital swag bag FILLED with goodies for each participant filled with goodies for each attendee!

As if ALL that wasn’t enough, if you were joining us, you had the pleasure of being first to see release after release of brand new patterns, books aaaaand an advent calendar (stay tuned for details)!!!

The best part was getting to know and chatting with you all.

Did you miss out? We will definitely be hosting more Stitch People Gatherings so stay tuned to your email!

Thank you to everyone who joined us, we had such a spectacular time. Stay in touch and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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