The Stitch People Podcast Episode 2: Meghan Snyder – Joyful & Detailed Gift-Giving

To imbue everything in life with joyfulness, selflessness and wonder is something Meghan not only seems to do every day – but seems likely capable of doing in her sleep! From the little ones she works with, and makes an effort to engage them in creative ways, to the dear friends she makes personalized gifts for, Meghan cares deeply for those around her and finds creative ways to connect with people the way *they* like to be connected with. Now THAT’S a gift!

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Meghan’s adorable family! L to R: Meghan, son Elliot, husband Jesse
Meghan’s Favorite (and tiniest!) stitch to date! Meghan’s friend-colleague’s initials in Braille (she is a Teacher of the Visually Impaired). 7 French knots stitched into a necklace, it was the most well-received stitch she has ever completed. Because she used French knots, it can be read in Braille, as well. AMAZING!!!!

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