Crazy About Custom: Terra Dolls

So, I’m in the custom product business. This gives me a great appreciation and admiration for customized products – especially ones that are, like mine, customized and hand-made! Check out Terra Dolls.


Are these not the cutest? I’m especially loving them at this time of year – the Halloween dolls are SO cute and the style of these long-legged, color block babies remind me of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” one of my favorite Halloween-time movies.


Terra, of Terra Dolls, hand-makes every item with great skill and care. She is a big fan of Tim Burton and Edward Corey – so the look of her dolls reflects that vibe. She is a doll-lover (obviously), but also an extremely gifted graphic designer. Her website is gorgeous and I’m totally jealous of her create-your-own-doll tool! It’s so rad. It’s like Build-a-Bear but better because each element is 100% customizable.


But she also has non-custom dolls for sale, like Matilda, Beatrix, Scarlet and Faye. Being someone who will anthropomorphize everything, I’m in love with the little descriptions of these sweet characters. The beautiful photos of these dolls speaks for themselves, and their sweet descriptions add immediate personality. Faye “wants to travel the world and she loves peppermint milkshakes.” Noelle “wants to be a marine biologist and likes to cuddle up in a blanket on rainy days.” And Molly? “English is her favorite subject and she drives a jeep.” These personality traits kill me. I love each and every one of them, and honestly – it makes me want to buy ’em all! What a wonderful collection they could make.

Something else that its TOTALLY cool is Terra’s Doll Donation Project. With each purchase of a doll, $1 gets donated to creating a custom doll for a patient in the hospital. The first went to Katie – an amazingly positive woman who received a heart transplant!

Check out Terra Dolls, and consider supporting the hand-made, custom artisan community! They’d make the perfect gift for a granddaughter, niece or daughter!

Who is your favorite Terra Doll? I can’t decide between Molly, Matilda and Faye.

Keep in touch via, follow Terra Dolls on Instagram @TerraDolls, or like Terra Dolls on Facebook!

Happy customizing, everyone!


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