Stitch People Day was great!

What a day! We can’t believe how many of you participated in Stitch People Day. The amount of giving and love and sharing and kindness we saw was just overwhelming. It gave us so much hope for the future.

We wish we should share every one of your Stitch People Day images but there’s not enough room! That just goes to show how amazing the day was. Instead, we’ll share today just some of the beautiful pieces we saw and some of the highlights of the day.

We started the day with a stitching playlist! Filled with jams that you recommended to us or that we just love, the Stitch People Day Playlist is filled with top tunes for stitching (or wiggling your booty) to.

Click here to listen.

We introduced our Sentiments collection, which is a set of patterns designed to fit on a 5″ x 7″ card. You can stitch up a card for someone’s birthday, to say thank you, to cheer them up if they’re unwell or just because you’re thinking of them!

Did you miss them? No problem, you can download the patterns here.

During the day, we shared a bunch of amazing giveaways from our friends at Fat Quarter Shop, DMC, Auburn Hoops, Easy Street Crafts and Cloth and Twig!

Auburn Hoops – Handmade wooden stitching frames
Cloth and Twig – Handmade wall hanging

Our Stitch People Day partners were also super generous with donations of 15% off cross-stitch supplies from Fat Quarter Shop and beautiful handmade goods from Cloth and Twig.

Towards the end of the day, Lizzy went live to chat all about Stitch People Day. Warning, there’s some tears involved!

Throughout the day, the best thing happened. You guys flooded us with images and videos of the gifts you had given for Stitch People Day. Here are just a few of the hundreds that we saw.

Want to see more? We don’t blame you! Just search #stitchpeopleday on Instagram, Facebook, or the Stitch People Facebook Community.

We have to take a minute to say a HUGE thank you to our needleworking partners who made this day so successful! Please take a second to click through to their websites and check out the amazing stitching wares they proved to our craft loving community. Even better, drop them a line and tell them what you love!

But most of all thank YOU! We wouldn’t have a Stitch People without you. We are forever proud and amazed by the contribution each of you makes to our community everyday. Thank you for everything you are.

As ever, with love and appreciation

Lizzy, Spencer and the Stitch People Team!

1 thought on “Stitch People Day was great!”

  1. Crystal Barbrick

    Thank you for a great day. It was great to see everyone’s stitches for Stitch People Day. Can’t wait to see what is coming up next.

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