Stitch People Family Bunting

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This year has been fun! We’ve seen people use Stitch People patterns in enchanting new ways like Jill English’s phone case, Arianna Elisabeth’s cup cozy, Nicole Kusmirek’s place cards and even people using Stitch People in Weddings!

That’s what got us thinking about other ways you could show off your Stitch People skills. This being the time of year that we decorate our homes ready for our family to visit, we figured we’d start off with something easy, decorative and creative – a Stitch People Family Banner!

This project works up super quick especially since you can buy your banner/bunting already cut and threaded for you. If you choose burlap as your banner fabric, it makes stitching your Stitch People an absolute breeze.

To create this project, all you will need are:

A pre cut and threaded bunting (we chose a blank burlap one and combined it with another burlap banner that had already been painted with “Family” and hearts).

A tapestry needle

Your Stitch People supplies

Cat (optional)

If the flags of your banner are already threaded, simply pull off as many flags you need for each Stitch Person.

Using your Stitch People book, stitch the head and shoulders of your Stitch People (or the whole body for pets) on to a flag each.

Next, thread your tapestry needle with one end of your banner. We use a tapestry needle because the wide eye allows thick threads to pass through easily and the blunt end does not catch our fabric.

Finally, thread your banner string through the pocket at the top of each of the flags. Your flags will be stiff so coaxing the needle through will be required.

If like us, you are combining your Stitch People banner with a pre painted banner, make sure you thread your flags on so that your Stitch People are evenly spaced (e.g. 2 on each side).

And you’re done! Hang your flag over the fireplace, window or door and create a one-of-a-kind welcome for your guest.

Do you have a fun way you like to use Stitch People? Let us know!