The Stitch People Gathering – what did you miss?!

This February we hosted our first ever Stitch People get together! The Stitch People Gathering came as a direct result of our awesome and loving Facebook Community Group. There, so many people shared a love of Stitch People, learned from each other and built friendships; it was only natural the next step was to bring us together in real life! And what a day it was!

As people arrived, they were greeted by the gorgeous space with a backdrop of the beautiful Utah mountains.

As we all started to put faces to the names we’d seen 100’s of time online, we dug into our swag bags filled with treats from DMC, My Two Cookies and Pop Zero!

The awkwardness of meeting people face-to-face for the first time soon gave way to new and better friendships as we started to chat and shared our projects.

Then the learning began! We learned about inspiration and improvisation from our own Lizzy and Spencer! We learned tips and tricks from our friends Melissa Vono, Betsy Wynegar and Jenny Johnson. Plus we learned about turning a business into a hobby from Lizzy, Jessica Eraso and Sarah Jane Wright

All the while stitching, stitching, stitching!!!

Speak of stitching, attendees also exclusive access to our all new Stitch People Weddings book!

AAAAND the updated Stitch People Farm Animals book!

The day was topped off with entertainment from The Johnson Files!

But we absolutely CANNOT forget to mention the candy floss bar from LuvFluff – salted caramel cotton candy anyone?!

So what did you miss? Quite a lot! Don’t worry though, we’re planning on hosting many more Stitch People Gatherings. The next this coming fall in Southern California!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Did you go to the Stitch People Gathering? What was your favorite part?

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