Lizzy’s Picks #1: A Colorful, Fresh and FREE Border!

Did you know has a bunch of free patterns and resources? Well, they DO! And they’re amazing. I was looking through their available patterns the other day and stumbled upon a freebie (yes you read that right – FREE!) called “Magical Wreath.”

Free floral embroidery pattern of a magical wreath recommended by Stitch People

Now, I’m a sucker for bright, colorful things like loud wallpaper, vintage polyester shirts with big patterns and, of course, flowers! So this “Magical Wreath” pattern had me going with the vibrant, colorful flowers, alone. 

But the BIG bonus of this pattern is how beautifully it could translate into use as a gorgeous, floral border for a Stitch People portrait! For anyone who has embroidery skills up their sleeve, or who’s feeling fearless enough to branch out and try their hand at some new stitches, this gorgeous free pattern is going to be perfect.

The colors could be easily changed to match your pattern. That said, the landing page on DMC’s website has the floss all ready to go in one place to purchase together. It’s just one click away! Plus, those flosses will be 15% off for you if you use our coupon code “STITCHPEOPLE” at checkout.

If you do try this out, let me know!! I’d love to see a finished product. Tag @stitchpeople and use the hashtag #stitchpeople to be sure we can catch a glimpse of your finished work!

Happy stitching!

5 thoughts on “Lizzy’s Picks #1: A Colorful, Fresh and FREE Border!”

  1. Hi Lizzy, excited about cross stitching again. Newly retired & in a slump. Watching channel 22. Love your interview with Gary. Thank you for the inspiration and I’m on my way!!!
    Roseellen Vento

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