The Stitchy Awards 2019!

The most coveted prize in the cross-stitch calendar is here! The Stitchies, 2019! From tens of nominations, whose fingers manipulated the needle most dexterously and who had us floored with their half-stitch? Find out as we look at just some of the best portraits 2019 had to offer us!

Sorest Fingers

Our starting category honors a stitcher who valiantly forged on as her needle finger grew blisters and her carpal tunnel flared. Cross by cross she made a million stitches to create what can only be termed a masterpiece of stitching! We’re proud to give the Sorest Fingers Award to Kate Anderson and her mountainous portrait of the Tammingas!

Cutest Gift

Those people who say herding cats is difficult have never tried to wrangle a group of 30 kindergarteners into position for a class photo. However, our next award winner did just that long enough to create this stitch as a leaving gift for their class teacher. Our winner of Cutest Gift in the sub-category of most patience is Alejandra Connor and her stitch of Miss Cubbers primary school class!

Furriest Friends

Speaking of small and cute animals, our next category shows us that whether you have fur or feathers, you are always welcome. Our next award winner knows that more than most as she used her immense talent to capture animals old McDonald would be proud of. Congratulations to Jennifer Rose who wins our award for the portrait with the furriest (and featheriest) friends!

Beautiful Backgrounds

This was a tough category. As you probably know we released our first Backgrounds Book in 2019. As a result we started seeing tons of new, big and beautiful backgrounds. From all the nominations, we chose this one because the winner showed us that even if you’re new to Stitch People, you can do magnificent things. We are so happy to give the award of Beautiful Background to Ashley Fitch for her VERY FIRST portrait!

Best Vacation

We all need a break and Stitch People are no different. They also happen to be one of the best ways to remember that awesome family trip you took in 2019. Our next award winner knew that and with her magic fingers, conjured up the a memory to be treasured. Our winner of Best Vacation is the lovely Stacy Stec and her portrait of the family island vacay!

Sporting Fun

Stitch People are no stranger to sports (as you may know if you’ve checked out our growing collection of sports patterns) but our next award winner took it to a whole new level. What could be more fun than a LeBron James Stitch Person you ask? Well three of course! For the quirky, unique portrait that brought the biggest smile to our face we proudly award Kelsey St. James with our Sporting Fun award!

Beyond the Book

You know we have you covered for most patterns that you need but, alas even though we try, we can’t cover every possible combination you might need. That didn’t deter our next award winner. Missing the pattern she needed wasn’t going to stop her from making one of the most detailed and charming portraits we saw in 2019. For going beyond the book and making our jaws drop the furthest, we award Debbie Sheader for not one but two astounding portraits!

Showing the Love

What with the announcement of the release of our new Wedding Book, we couldn’t let 2019 slip out of view without seeing at least one wedding portrait. For our final category, we’re embracing the love and spreading it everywhere with a wedding portrait by one of our most popular nominees, Rachel Isenor!

Congratulations to The Stitchies award winners of 2019! You are all a constant inspiration. Thank you also to everyone who nominated their fellow stitchers for The Stitchies 2019. The winners above are just a small selection of the incredible portraits we saw in 2019. We can only hope that 2020 will bring as much fun, talent, inspiration and friendship that we saw last year. Most of all thank you to our entire community. Your support of Stitch People and each other amazes us every year and every year it gets stronger. Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful and craftful 2020.

Happy Happy New Year from your friends at Stitch People!

4 thoughts on “The Stitchy Awards 2019!”

  1. Absolutely adorable! All of them. I’m having so much fun now that I’ve discovered Stitch People making gifts and the orders are accumulating cutting into my other sewing and quilting projects, but it’s ok. It’s only JANUARY!

  2. This are all so lovely! Thanks for posting them and giving me some inspiration to create one of these. Especially loved the teacher one. That was a lot of work and very thoughtful gift. Beautiful work everybody!

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