Why Stitch People?


When I started this business, even I was a little skeptical. Cross-stitch family portraits? Is this something universal? Will this really be something people want and like?
Yes. Very much so. And over the few years of building Stitch People, I’ve come to understand the “Why” behind it all.

Creativity Loves Constraints

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. And it’s true with every form of creativity available. Creating a piece of music is constrained to 12 notes, and time. Creating a work of art is constrained to the existing color palette of this planet, and space. Even the creation of a well-functioning household is constrained to the members of the family, the house itself, and all the constraints of scheduling, abilities, interests, and personalities. But it is within these constraints that beautiful things happen.

I love how cross-stitch is constrained to a grid. Other needlework and embroidery isn’t limited to the weave of linen or Aida fabric. However, when aligning the needlework to this particular fabric, a simplicity is born and I love the detail and customization that can still be expressed within the given constraints.

Seeing is Believing

What I LOVE is the reaction from people who look at their Stitch People portrait for the first time. Each member of the family is carefully analyzed and the realizations soon hit – “Oh my goodness! Look at Dad’s little fishing hat!” or “Wow! Mom even has all her jewelry on!”

You see – looking at a Stitch People portrait is different than looking at a family photo. When you look at a photo, you see your loved ones, smile, and move on. But when you look at a Stitch People portrait, you’re more inclined to take a minute and think about it. You stop and think about each member of the family, captured in cross-stitch at this certain point in life. Instead of glancing at the photo and moving on, Stitch People portraits encourage you take a minute to appreciate the ones you love most.

Addiction is Real

Creating Stitch People portraits is unlike any other type of cross stitch patterns you’ll complete. Never before have patterns been so meaningful! And when they’re meaningful – they’re way more fun. In a similar way to what happens when viewing a finished portrait, when you’re still working on a portrait, you’ll find yourself thinking about your loved ones and appreciating what makes them unique. It’s so much fun to get Dad’s hair JUST RIGHT or work on all the cute little patches of white on your puppy dog.

Not only are the patterns meaningful, but they don’t take a lot of time. Stitch People portraits were created to be fun, but also to be done in little pockets of time. Personally, I get REALLY overwhelmed when tackling a large cross-stitch project. With each stitch, I seem to only become more aware of how much is still undone. But with Stitch People, a family portrait of four will only take maybe 8-ish hours, total! And then you’ve got a lovely finished piece of art that is meaningful to you. Perfect!

Why do you love Stitch People? What has been your favorite part while designing and stitching your own Stitch People portraits? Let us know in the comments, below!

Have a wonderful day!


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