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Is there anything more comforting than the warm smell and color of cinnamon? Maybe, but why waste the effort thinking about it. Just kick your feet up with your cinnamon hot chocolate next to your cinnamon cake and take a look at this week’s DMC Color inspiration; DMC 301! Don’t forget, throughout the month of February, DMC is offering 15% off for …

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Lizzy’s Picks #2: DMC’s Floss Color Card – A MUST HAVE!

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For anyone who makes Stitch People portraits in excess (it’s okay, I’m raising my hand over here!), it’s extraordinarily helpful to have DMC’s Floss Color Card on hand. DID YOU SAY YOU DON’T HAVE ONE?! Well, you should GET one. It’s a game changer. Game. Change. Er. Here’s what it is: it’s a fold-out style “brochure” of sorts that has …

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The Stitch People Gathering – what did you miss?!

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This February we hosted our first ever Stitch People get together! The Stitch People Gathering came as a direct result of our awesome and loving Facebook Community Group. There, so many people shared a love of Stitch People, learned from each other and built friendships; it was only natural the next step was to bring us together in real life! …

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Lizzy’s Picks #1: A Colorful, Fresh and FREE Border!

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Did you know has a bunch of free patterns and resources? Well, they DO! And they’re amazing. I was looking through their available patterns the other day and stumbled upon a freebie (yes you read that right – FREE!) called “Magical Wreath.” Now, I’m a sucker for bright, colorful things like loud wallpaper, vintage polyester shirts with big patterns …

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Stitch People Gathering: What To Expect & Why You Should Attend

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We’ve been dreaming and scheming and now plans are underway to build and support our growing Stitch People community! We’re taking DIY to DIT (do-it-together) by hosting our first ever Stitch People Gathering – an event just for you to craft, create, and cross-stitch with the thousands of others who love it as much as you do! We hope you …

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The Stitchy Awards 2019!

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The most coveted prize in the cross-stitch calendar is here! The Stitchies, 2019! From tens of nominations, whose fingers manipulated the needle most dexterously and who had us floored with their half-stitch? Find out as we look at just some of the best portraits 2019 had to offer us! Sorest Fingers Our starting category honors a stitcher who valiantly forged …

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Stitch People Gathering – FAQ’s!

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All you’ve ever wanted to know and more about our inaugural Stitch People get-together! How to book tickets You can find more information plus buy tickets at Why Utah? The short answer is that we live here!  Since this is our first ever event, and we have a ton of Stitch People fans in our home state, we figured …