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How I Made a Cross-Stitch Coffee Shop Background by Melissa Vono

In Cross Stitch, DIY Tutorials, Stitch People by Theresa

Hey y’all! I’m a full-time speech-language pathologist working in the public schools currently so only have time to stitch at night (thus my company name, Stitch At Nite) — check me out on Instagram, Facebook , and my website.  I’ve only been doing this a few years, having started by doing small gifts for friends and family. So I was excited (and, …

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How to Make an Articulating Wall Sconce

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We are re-doing our kitchen. It’s been stressful and fun. My sweet mother recently re-did her kitchen, and we snagged her old maple cabinets for our own house. She’s keeps a meticulously clean and neat home, so the cabinets are in tip-top shape. We’re going to paint them and they’re gonna look ah-mazing. It is a super win-win-win situation and saved …

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Free Cross-Stitch 101 Guide

In Cross Stitch, DIY Tutorials, Stitch People by Lizzy6 Comments

I remember learning to cross stitch as a young girl. My mother taught me, I think because I wanted to learn it (having seen her do a lot of cross stitching.) My grandmother cross-stitched, too. She made my Christmas stocking and a baby blanket, both of which have cross-stitch work. And her mother cross-stitched – a lovely piece of her’s …

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Create a Mobile Crafting Station

In DIY Tutorials by Lizzy7 Comments

I love coming up with systems for things. So, when Stitch People began to grow, I enjoyed figuring out what to do to organize and consolidate all my “stitch stuff.” I do share a room in my home with my husband that functions as our office space, but as opposed to limiting myself to stitching in that one place, I created myself something …